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Josh Milan Announces #JoshTurns51 in Greece 2021 Dates


Amp Fiddler at a beachside birthday party in Greece? Sounds divine.
Line-up /

Omar, Josh MilanJihad Muhammad, Hallex M, Anna K, Diviniti(DJ set), Sunshine PedroAmp Fiddler, DJ DeepJust, Atjazz, Jesse Cardoso, Tracy Brathwaite, Dawn Tallman, Chris “FatBoy” Harvey, Louie Vega, DJ Adam Cruz, Harry Varzabetian, Mia Phillips, DJ Paul Jennings, DJ Yass K

We’re doing it all over again. Honeycomb Music presents Josh Milan’s annual Birthday Party at the most incredible venue in Greece. The legendary Cariocas Beach Bar. DJ’s and performers to be announced. 4 days of the most beautiful beach, delicious food, great musical entertainment by some award winning artist, beautiful people and beautiful vibes. Come be a part of our family. It’s all about love with us. You will be sure to have a beautiful vacation. Early bird tix are no longer available.

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Happy 10th Anniversary Honeycomb Music

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