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Broadcasting every Monday at noon EST, join Josh Milan on the Honeycomb Music Non-Radio Lunch Break. Josh Milan is a phenomenal singer/songwrtier and a super talented musician and producer. For over 25 years, Josh was one half of legendary dance music duo Blaze. In 2010, Josh stepped out on his own, launching his own label Honeycomb Music. Catch the Honeycomb Music Non-Radio Lunch Break live right here at:

This fun and weekly radio features classic funk, soul and rare grooves, as well as exclusive materials from Milan himself, Honeycomb Music and friends.

Josh Milan's 'It's Love' Gets the Royal Remix Treatment!

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Honeycomb Music is extremely proud to present Josh Milan's "It's Love" the Frankie Feliciano Remixes. Direct from his 6.9.69 LP, Josh and Frankie team up to deliver a sure-fire dance floor hit! The extended original mix takes you on a fantastic funk ride while Frankie Feliciano's remixes turn the heat up with his signature Ricanstruction sound and style.

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Written and originally produced by Josh Milan
Background vocals performed by Dawn Tallman.
Bass Guitar performed by Keith Miller.
Originally recorded and mixed by Josh Milan at Honeycomb Music Studios in East Stroudsburg, PA.
Remix and additional production by Frankie Feliciano for Ricanstruction Brand.
Mastered by Adam Cruz at EbbnFlow Studios in Bloomfield, NJ.
Published by Josh Milan Songs (BMI).

Photography by Dawn Tallman.
Cover art design by Adam Cruz.
Executive Produced by Josh Milan and Adam Cruz.

©2019 Honeycomb Music, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed by The Cruz Music Group, a Division of Mixtape Sessions Music, LLC.

New Book! Epiphany: Parts of Me... is a magnificent Poetic Experience

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Honeycomb Music is incredibly proud to present poet, artist, and performer Janine Lyon's debut publishing release, entitled "Epiphany: Parts of Me... A Poetic Experience." Janine Lyons has made indelible marks in music, poetry and spoken word, releasing work independently for years. She was first featured on Honeycomb Music's free full-length poetry album as part of Raw Honey Poets. Their collective album, "Happy," featured a sensational sisterhood of poets and spoken word artists. Josh and Janine continued recording and collaborating after the release of "Happy," which culminated in the release of "I Need to Dance," a deeply meaningful masterpiece! Following the success of "I Need to Dance," Janine and Josh released the fantastic "Forbidden Song," another deeply provocative tune that further compelled them to record together more. Through several recording sessions, "Epiphany" was born. Janine Lyons delivers a stellar and powerful poetry album, exploring topics of police brutality, women's rights, and racism. In terms of the music, Josh Milan beautifully showcases Janine's vocals while spotlighting his own musical virtuosity. Jazz, R&B, Soul and Dance music rhythms comprise the sounds of "Epiphany" - a perfect compliment to Janine's fiery performance. "Epiphany" is an awakening experience and her accompanying publishing release "Epiphany: Parts of Me... A Poetic Experience" further highlights Janine's work with pictures, musings and moments.

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For Me is now available everywhere!

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We're so proud and excited! DAWN’s new album is available everywhere now! Check out your favorite online retailer and enjoy her debut “For Me” album!

#DawnTallman #GospelEnergy #ForMeLP #ForMe #ForMeTheAlbum #CelebrateYourself #CelebrateMyself #Gospel #RNB #Soul #House #Queen

The highly anticipated debut album from Billboard chart-topping artist and the Queen of Gospel Energy, Dawn Tallman, is available everywhere now. "For Me," the LP, is the culmination of 4 years of work, detailing personal experiences of triumph over adversity. Dawn Tallman brings us an incredibly produced album, chock full of poignant messages for the soul.

The title track has been taking over dance floors since its 2015 release and now her debut album takes it to the next level. For Dawn, this is an enormous labor of love. "Each song has its own life experience. I've been so grateful to know that songs like "For Me" and "Celebrate Myself" are being heard during someone's bout with depression or another's battle with cancer. When you hear this album, my sincere hope is that you know you are not alone. Whatever your circumstances, you can triumph over it. You can do it... and whatever is going on, know that happiness is a choice!"

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