London and Greece was dope.


January 29, 2019 6:40PM
When I do these blogs, they usually start with
me either at the airport or on the plane. And that’s because it’s at those places that I’m able to sit down and just chill. Ya know? Today is my 15th wedding anniversary. But I’m working. 15 years. Long time. My wife is very kind to allow me to do this performance on such a day. 
As I sit in my seat, sharing this with you, there’s an African woman sitting about 4 seats away from me. She’s on her phone speaking in a language I don’t understand. Clearly,  she’s African. But this sounds like a dialect I’ve not heard. I can’t focus on my
Blog because she’s very loud. It’s rude. I’m getting annoyed already. And I’ve not even started my blog yet! The person on her phone said something to her, and instead of talking back like normal humans that have cell phones, she feels like the person will hear her better if she removes the phone from her ear to place the bottom of the phone(the mic) to her mouth, like a walkie talkie. And she yells. “HALLO!! HALLO!! WUTIS DIS. I DO NOT UNDASTAN!! HALLO!!” This went on for at least 5 minutes. Too long for me to be listening to her figure out how to work her phone. “HALLO!!!” 
Not to mention, I’m sitting next to a crying baby and behind me are 3 whiney 7-10 year olds. It’s official. I’m annoyed. I think I’m going to purchase a few shots of Licka! Anyway London. Yay!!!!!!

January 30th 12:58PM
Somehow I knew this flight wouldn’t be good. The child behind me kicked my chair for a while. You all would have been proud of me. I said absolutely nothing. Well.. not at first. After a small while, I unbuckled my seatbelt and got up to speak to the parent. But why do I have to do all of that? This woman could see her child kicking my chair. Why did she wait for me to get up to stop her? I should have poured some scalding hot coffee down the woman’s back. 

Random thought. In the classic film The Wizard Of Oz, the wicked witch was allergic to water. Does that mean she stank?
And why was the Lion making dog noises? He never roared. His lion sound was “Woof, woof”. Check it out. 

We’ve landed and the African woman that I mentioned earlier approached me. At this moment, the Brooklyn in me said “put up your guard. She might throw a jab.” But it turns out she didn’t speak English and needed someone to fill out her landing card. And just like that I felt honored that she came to me. She felt safe. I don’t get that from strangers often. 

I get here and there’s no car.  That’s not strange. That happens a lot. In a situation like this, patience is gold. It’s always best to just calm down. There must have been a slight miscommunication somewhere. It’s only been an HOUR AND A HALF(that’s my sarcasm) since I’ve landed. And still no car. I just arrived on a 5 hour flight. I’m tired. I’m cranky. I’ve not slept since yesterday. And now this.

Good news. The driver has arrived. 
By the time the driver arrives, I would have been sitting here,  rotting, for well over two hours!! 
But somehow, I’m cool. Getting pissed off will do nothing but make my blood pressure go up and give me a nasty headache. 
Anyway, I’m in London. Yay!!!!!
There’s a putrid smell in the air. It’s kind of a mixture of armpits and rotten mushrooms. 

It’s FAREEZIN!!!! I get in the car with the driver and he asks “would you like some heat?”.
Do I really need to answer this question? That just annoyed me even more than I already was. All I can think of is violence. 

January 31st 2:33PM
Yesterday was awesome. My brother Richard Wilson and I connected and he took me to the National Portrait Museum.
  We saw some really amazing artwork. 
That was kinda cool. I have a lot of friends and some family that I really wanted to connect with while here. But I needed to get as much rest as possible. Richard assured me that this was something I couldn’t miss. And it went by quickly. I was soon in bed. 
Right now I’m in Sound Check. 
My man Peter from BBE, and his lovely lady Marissa are here with us. We just had a very good talk. We have a project that we want to do together. I’m excited about that. That’s a project that makes sense to me. BBE is a very dope label with experience in breaking an artist like myself. 

Feb. 1st 11:24AM
The concert was wonderful. We all had fun. Minor tech issues with sound but nothing horrible. I thought the band sounded really good. It’s a step in the right direction for our scene. I’m grateful to be doing live performances with a proper band. Today, I’m off to Greece. I’m doing a birthday party as I do every year in June. But this is the first one I’m doing abroad. So I need to visit Athens and check out the accommodations. My guest will want to know about the hotels and things. So I’m going to take a look so I’ll know first hand what’s what. 

I arrived to Athens, and it’s way warmer than it is in London. This is lovely already. Anna K picked me up and just like that good times. Petro is the owner of Cariocas(The place where my birthday party will be). We met him and Vassileous(one of the main guys in our team) at their restaurant and enjoyed a very good meal, some beers and laughed. This is feeling amazing. 

Feb 3rd, 12:55PM
Our meeting went super well. We discussed everything. We’re very clear. We know what we want and our expectations are in a realistic place. We’re extremely happy. And excited. I’m headed back now. Hanging here at the airport. My
mind is full of plans, meetings, emails, scheduled post, phone calls to make, and things of that nature. Doing this event or any event of this magnitude is a lot to take on. I think if I had any regrets about doing events, it’d be having to rely on the cooperation of others. When doing an event of any kind, one must rely on people and nobody will be as passionate as you are when it comes to your own thing. And it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to be. Usually, proper cooperation is not going to happen. So you’ll have to send reminders, resend emails that have not been responded to, wait for call backs that can take 2 weeks for the simplest reply. My clientele has questions and more questions, that they’d know if only they’d read the emails sent to them. 
On the other hand, much is expected of you the planner of the event. People want me to be extra on top of everything but give very little. The good thing is that this event will surely be the absolute best event I’ve ever planned. I have the support of a very special team of people in Greece that are making this venture possible for me to do. And they’re working very hard. I believe that our scene needs special events like this birthday party. So I’m giving it my all. I saw the area of the hotels. And I feel good about the options we have. The Casino is a 5 star hotel. And it’s very very nice. I loved it. However, it’s not close to the venue. It’s about a 40 minute ride. I’d much rather be close to the venue. I’m not coming to Greece to chill in the room. So I think I’m going to opt for a place that’s close. 

I go to put my luggage in the overhead bin and a walking cane fell out and struck a very old woman in the head!!! I feel so so so bad. She held her head as though it must have hurt really bad. Oh God. She must be in her 90’s. You can imagine how sorry I feel. She’s just sitting here holding her head with her eyes closed. I wish this didn’t happen. She finally got herself together and is being very sweet about the whole thing. But I still feel like a creep. She’s not just regular old. She’s the kind of old that has the Morgan Freeman dots on her face. You can clearly see all of the veins in her hands. You know what I mean? You ever see an old woman with a cane and a scarf tied around her head. That kind of old. Funny thing. She’s now talking to me and making jokes about how big I am. Normally, I’d snatch her dentures out and stomp them till they cracked in half for making weight jokes, but because I just knighted her on this plane, I thought I’d give her a pass and just laugh along with her. She’s sweet. 
Anyway. I’m going to shut this blog down. But before I go, let me give you all a small bit of inside info about the Birthday party this June. 
The 5 star hotel is called the Casino. It’s everything a 5 star hotel in Athens should be. It’s on the water, and has all the sexy pools and jacuzzis you’d need. Make no mistake about it. It’s nice. However, it’s not convenient. It takes 45-50 minutes to get there from the venue. Lots of people will be at this event. And I don’t want to get caught up in shuttles and getting back and forth. I don’t plan to do a lot of extra stuff. The parties will be everyday just about all day. So I think I will be staying in Schinos(close to the venue). Not sexy like the 5 star joint. But way more convenient. The rest of the Hotels in my opinion are all similar.  There are many options for people to find lodging. Air BNB, is an option. And my team is very capable of assisting anyone that needs assistance with finding a place to stay. START NOW! Don’t wait till you have all of the cash. Get the info now while the demand is not crazy. 
I hate when we do these events and people that know me try to get me to help them find accommodations in the last few days leading up to the events. Now is the time to get all of the info you need. is the email address for ALL QUESTIONS. 
Seems like the more I say that, the more people try to reach me other ways. LOL!!!!!!
Why are we wired like that? 

I’m sitting in the middle of the aisle. The old woman is to my right. The guy next to me has to go the the rest room. 
So we all get up. And that’s when I was clear about the woman’s age. When the old lady got up, the smell of unchanged diapers attacked my nasal passages. It had a very soiled smell. There was a hint of urine with a nutty finish. It’s as though she’d been eating Nutella and warm beer all day. I think I’m interested in killing myself. 
And now that I’m aware of the smell, I’m getting a small slither of it every time she moves. It’s as though the smell is alive. Living in her pores. Geez. I can’t make this up folks. 
Anyway, thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in April for my London show with my band, and them

In June at my birthday party. Love you guys.

Honeycomb Music Celebrates with Black History Music produced by Josh Milan


(The following is an open letter written by Josh Milan, published in 2015)

I'll be the first to admit that in a lot of ways I'm old fashioned. I never thought I'd hear myself say things like "back in my day...", or "when I was coming up...", but the older I get, the more I hear myself say those things. While it's the shortest month in the year, Black History month, to me, is very important. The story of the Black American started with hardship beyond most of our comprehension. An African man taken from his home, family, and everything he knows. And after he was beaten into submission, he would be chained to the bottom of a wooden ship. His people would be packed very similar to the way companies pack sardines in a can. There were no bathroom breaks. A small portion of watery porridge was given to sustain them. You and I would probably not survive the long trip. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and urination, were done while laying on top of each other during the trip. They weren't at all washed till they got to their destination. "The Land Of The Free, The Home Of The Brave!" His story is sad, full of murder, torture, and mental anguish. His women were raped and sometimes in front of him. His teeth, knocked out for sport. The slave traders managed to affect the minds of his people with violence and bone chilling fear.

So much so that they would eventually abandon their own culture to embrace the oppressors teachings. These people were once full of pride, culture, self awareness, spirituality, and most importantly, love. Many years after this tragic event happened, these people were given a very limited sense of freedom. And expected to be grateful for what was given to them. If anyone showed any anger, or resentment over the position they were in, they would be killed. To this day, 2015, I feel that Black Americans are targeted by law enforcement, and any sort of authority in America. And today, just like their ancestors before them, the Black American is beaten, wrongfully accused and punished, even killed by the same authorities that oppressed their forefathers.

I think it's amazing that, given the origin of the black people in America, they were able to contribute so much to the advancement of this country. At the same time I feel that pride is lacking amongst Black people in America. We've developed a culture that, in my opinion, does not reflect the spirit of self love and progress that our people once had. Here's where I get a little old fashioned.

I have friends that "lovingly" call each other "bitch." Sometimes they'll say "I'm not calling you a bitch, but I'm just saying". Our men call each other "Nigga" daily. I have family members that wear their pants sagging so low that one can see their underwear. Young girls fighting each other because someone texted "their nigga". Gang violence is still alive and well. Young black men killing each other over trivial, small issues, taking pride in doing longs terms in the prison system.

So this project is about two things:
One, we celebrate the contributions of the Black American. I think celebrating their contributions is something all American people can and should do. All people have benefitted from them.
And two, we celebrate Black people and all of their achievements while in America, while in slavery, and while being forced in an unimaginable living situation. It's my hope that pride can be instilled in the hearts of Black people everywhere and that you will enjoy this project and pass it to others.

Happy Black History Month,
Josh Milan

Josh's 50th Birthday Party: Greece - June 20-23 2019

link to learn more >>


"This event is going to be the celebration of the rest of my life. In a sense, it feels like my first birthday. 50 years will surely be a milestone, and I’m blessed to feel like I’m just starting a new chapter in all areas of my life. Cariocas is a beautiful place, and the perfect setting to reflect my liberal spirit. It has an amazing sound system with a very sexy beach bar. Imagine phenomenal music, clear blue water, the beautiful people of Athens, and our lovely souls. Include the unpredictable musical direction of Joaquin “Joe” Claussell and the Grammy award-winning Louie Vega as our premier sound selectors. Both are on my musical heroes list, and once the word got out, let’s just say there will be some incredible music surprises! To put the cherry on top, I’m incredibly excited for you to hear my band! This is the direction my career is taking and the launch of our careers as a unit. Think Honeycomb 3.0! Ultimately, the spirit of my music has always been an invitation to love, and I can’t think of a greater moment for us to share. Whether you are a friend, a fan, a dancer, or family, everyone will enjoy this experience. Join me for the celebration of a lifetime and let’s dance!"

Ritmo Y Tumbao's Ay Dios Mio is a Spiritual Journey full of good music!

link >>

Written by Amanda Frontany -- Ritmo y Tumbao's Ay Dios Mio EP

[Translation: Oh My God]

The groundbreaking duo Ritmo y Tumbao, comprised of NYC's own Dres Ramos and Cuba Ulacia, releases their incredible debut full-length album Ay Dios Mio on Honeycomb Music. Ramos and Ulacia-- passionate percussionists, songwriters and DJs in their own right-- have created an instant classic that organically combines Afro-Cuban, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Soul, and House Music under the dynamic production of Grammy-nominated, multi-talented Honeycomb CEO Josh Milan, who also lends his quintessential vocals to the project along with singers Crystal Jaye and Storm Marrero, with accompaniments by flutist Giovanni Perez.

Ay Dios Mio is a life-giving project epitomizing what music needs to be about now more than ever-- live musicianship, melodic songwriting, breathtaking vocals and multi-layered harmonies. Every track on the album uniquely stands out yet works in tandem with the others to paint a refreshing musical journey with Ritmo y Tumbao's percussive rhythms at the core.

These songs will dance in your soul and beat with your heart whether "listening at home, in the car, or in the club," says Honeycomb's Josh Milan. Ritmo y Tumbao's Ay Dios Mio firmly stands at a musical crossroads where Earth Wind and Fire intersects with the legendary sounds of both Fania and Stax Records, and effortlessly picks up the torch where iconic Blaze Productions left off.

Check out Ritmo Y Tumbao, Josh Milan and Honeycomb Music on the web at:

All songs written by Josh Milan, Dres Ramos and Cuba Ulacia, unless otherwise noted.
All songs produced by Josh Milan.
Percussion instruments performed by Dres Ramos and Cuba Ulacia (Ritmo Y Tumbao).
Flute solos performed by Giovanni Perez.

"Fragile" was written by Sting.
"Scarborough Fair" was written by Arthur Garfunkel and Paul Simon.
"Scarborough Fair" vocals were performed by Crystal Jaye.
"Thank You's" vocals were performed by Ritmo Y Tumbao.
"Echu Odara" vocals were performed by Cuba Ulacia and Storm Marrero.
"Lower East Side" vocals were performed by Storm Marrero.
"Ay Dios Mio" vocals were performed by Ritmo Y Tumbao and Storm Marrero.

Recorded and mixed by Josh Milan at Honeycomb Music Studios in East Stroudsburg, PA.
Mastered by Adam Cruz at EbbnFlow Studios in Bloomfield, NJ.

All songs, except "Scarborough Fair" and "Fragile," are published by Josh Milan Songs (BMI), Abraham Augustine Ulacia (ASCAP) and DJ Dres (ASCAP).
"Fragile" was published by EMI Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI).
"Scarborough Fair" was published by Arthur Garfunkel (BMI) and Paul Simon (BMI).

Cover art design by Adam Cruz.
Photography by Roy Morrison.
Executive Produced by Josh Milan and Adam Cruz.

©2018 Honeycomb Music, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed by The Cruz Music Group, a Division of Mixtape Sessions Music, LLC.

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