You have a choice!

You have a choice! Salah Ananse came up with the new T-shirt design!!! See Doris Goliatha for your shirts at the boat ride! Tix are almost sold out!! I’d say another week or so, we should be out.
See Tyree Cross Cheryl Chey Payne for tix. Kia Ki Ki Stewart sold out of hers. There’s just a few left online - get your tix at: #joshmilansbday #honeycombmusic #joshmilan

Yes! It's Milan Monday - tune in now - 12-2pm EST

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Mr. policeman. Can’t you see I’ve raised my hands?

"Mr. policeman. Can’t you see I’ve raised my hands? I just want to tell you just where I stand. When I see your face, I don’t ever feel safe. I don’t want to get KILLED by your hands." Working on a new project for myself. Going to tackle subjects and sounds that aren’t my norm. Like this. So excited. Thanks Dawn Tallman. You make the songs so good. - Josh Milan #growth #lyrics #policebrutality #demo #studiolife #bgv #honeycombmusic #newmusic #funk #dawntallman #vinyl

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Happy 8th Anniversary to Honeycomb Music

We'd like to take this time to personally thank all of you, all of our super talented Honeycomb artists and musicians as well as our beautiful #honeycombnation. Without you, there would be no Honeycomb Music. You are all a part of our musical family and we thank you sincerely for your patronage, your support and for your willingness to spread the word about Honeycomb!

Happy 8th Anniversary!

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