New Book! Epiphany: Parts of Me... is a magnificent Poetic Experience

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Honeycomb Music is incredibly proud to present poet, artist, and performer Janine Lyon's debut publishing release, entitled "Epiphany: Parts of Me... A Poetic Experience." Janine Lyons has made indelible marks in music, poetry and spoken word, releasing work independently for years. She was first featured on Honeycomb Music's free full-length poetry album as part of Raw Honey Poets. Their collective album, "Happy," featured a sensational sisterhood of poets and spoken word artists. Josh and Janine continued recording and collaborating after the release of "Happy," which culminated in the release of "I Need to Dance," a deeply meaningful masterpiece! Following the success of "I Need to Dance," Janine and Josh released the fantastic "Forbidden Song," another deeply provocative tune that further compelled them to record together more. Through several recording sessions, "Epiphany" was born. Janine Lyons delivers a stellar and powerful poetry album, exploring topics of police brutality, women's rights, and racism. In terms of the music, Josh Milan beautifully showcases Janine's vocals while spotlighting his own musical virtuosity. Jazz, R&B, Soul and Dance music rhythms comprise the sounds of "Epiphany" - a perfect compliment to Janine's fiery performance. "Epiphany" is an awakening experience and her accompanying publishing release "Epiphany: Parts of Me... A Poetic Experience" further highlights Janine's work with pictures, musings and moments.

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