Josh's 50th Birthday Party: Greece - June 20-23 2019

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"This event is going to be the celebration of the rest of my life. In a sense, it feels like my first birthday. 50 years will surely be a milestone, and I’m blessed to feel like I’m just starting a new chapter in all areas of my life. Cariocas is a beautiful place, and the perfect setting to reflect my liberal spirit. It has an amazing sound system with a very sexy beach bar. Imagine phenomenal music, clear blue water, the beautiful people of Athens, and our lovely souls. Include the unpredictable musical direction of Joaquin “Joe” Claussell and the Grammy award-winning Louie Vega as our premier sound selectors. Both are on my musical heroes list, and once the word got out, let’s just say there will be some incredible music surprises! To put the cherry on top, I’m incredibly excited for you to hear my band! This is the direction my career is taking and the launch of our careers as a unit. Think Honeycomb 3.0! Ultimately, the spirit of my music has always been an invitation to love, and I can’t think of a greater moment for us to share. Whether you are a friend, a fan, a dancer, or family, everyone will enjoy this experience. Join me for the celebration of a lifetime and let’s dance!"

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