South Africa Nov. 2018

South Africa 
November 22, 2018 8:08 AM

My dear wife just called to check and see if I felt sleepy on the drive to the airport. I told her that I have to go to the restroom room, which means that I can’t be sleepy. She thought that was so funny for some reason. That conversation took place around 45 minutes ago. Now my bowels are at a code red level. So when I got past security, I made a detour to the restroom. I thought, “Sweet!! There’s no one in here. I can take full advantage of the privacy. I won’t have to worry about making noises and things. I can be free! Yay!!!” This is an awesome Thanksgiving so far. I even take my jacket off before I do anything. This movement is about to be serious. This toilet is going to pay the price. After around 10 minutes of bowel movement bliss, I thought I’d sit a little longer. Be in the moment, ya know? We don’t appreciate these moments enough as a people. Ya know?
And that’s when it happened. I heard two Spanish guys walk in(they were speaking Spanish and English).
And one says to the other, “Yo, do you smell that?” Now. This moment could make or break my entire Thanksgiving day. This moment is intense. Do I pick my feet up so they can’t see my shoes, preventing them from identifying me? What do I do??
These guys have no idea how long I was holding it in. I was almost in pain. 
The other guys says in response, “Daaaaaamn yo” and they leave!!! They leave for Gods sake!!! They didn’t use the restroom!!
Now, why am I embarrassed? This is a restroom. This is where one goes to relieve themselves. Normal human beings relieve themselves in a restroom. And usually it smells. So why am I embarrassed?
I’ve never been in a public restroom and left because of the smell. I’ve smelled some restrooms all over the world. Singapore, China, Japan, Africa, Europe, Even Australia and never have I walked out of a restroom because of someone’s poop smelling bad. The disrespect these young guys displayed is highly uncalled for. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to not wash my hands and go say hello to these guys, shaking their hands. Creeps. 
Anyway, South Africa!!!! Yay!!!!!!

10:22 AM
On the plane and sitting next to a germaphobe. She’s wiping EVERYTHING down. Even the little plastic bag that the blanket comes in. Great!
When I was getting on the plane I saw a woman with a Geri Curl cut into a really hip style. So I’m thinking, “Are Geri Curls back?”
She had a ton of activator in her hair. It smelled like the 80’s. Tussy, and Sweet Honesty came to mind immediately. 

11:39 PM
The flight was cool. No real drama or action. Two drunk men talking loud. But that was about it. There was this one moment when the flight attendant asked, “ Would you like the omelette or the pancakes with the fruit compote?”
I asked for the omelette with the turkey sausage. To which he replied “Here’s an omelette for the big man.”
What? What does he mean by that? I could understand if I were 5 years old. That’s what you say to a child. Something like, "how’s my big man doing?"
But at my age, I don’t feel that it’s appropriate to say “big man”. He’s not encouraging me. Does he think I’m going to be inspired to become a football player or a police officer now? What if I were a woman would he have said “Here’s an omelette for the big woman.” Does that sound ok? Why is it ok for him to call me that?
Geez. Where do they train these attendants? 

Nov. 24 12:43 AM
Is it cool that I really dig some of The Beach Boys tunes? My body clock is all off right now. Geez. OK. I’m off to sleep. 

1:42 PM
I went to sleep this morning around 1:45 AM and I can’t believe I’m waking up so late. They say it’s my body clock but I’ve never experienced waking up this late. It’s weird. Sound check is at 3. 

2:00 PM
After giving it a little thought I’m actually glad I slept for so long. I needed it. My body feels rested.

3:57 PM
Headed to soundcheck. Feeling good. Everyone seems to be excited. We stopped at a liquor store and some of the workers rushed me to take pictures with me!! I felt like a Star!

LOL. I know I have music that people know, yet I’m always shocked at the love I get from the people. Feels nice. God is good. 
On the drive there I couldn’t help but notice some areas that had the poorly built homes. Literally steel walls and roofs. Some of them were made with random sheets of plywood.

There were families living there. These people are surviving this way. This made me so thankful of the blessings that have come my way. 

9:48 PM
I know a young woman, who is more like a niece to me. She’s living here as a freelance writer. Totally kicking life in the butt. Everyone is so very proud of her. She’s tagging along with me tonight to see me do my thing. Now I really gotta be extra good. I can’t have her see me rock and I not show off. Lol. All of the young guys were losing their minds when they saw her. She grew up to be such a beautiful woman. Somehow I keep envisioning the baby she was when she was born. 
The place had a good energy. Wasn’t sold out yet, but I can feel the energy growing in the place. As we walked through the crowd the people started yelling and making cheering noises. That felt nice. It’s always nice to feel the love. Even as I type this I can see more people coming in. 

Nov. 25th 11:16 AM
There was magic last night. We all had a good time. Maestro(the Promotor) seemed pleased. 
I played a lot of my own music. Which did well. People are the same where ever I go. 
They all love to drink, party, and mingle with each other. I am inspired to do some new music. Watching everyone groove to music I came up with is really a good feeling. I’m hooked. 
Today is my last few moments here. My flight leaves tonight. We’re going to eat. I’ll take some pics to show you guys. 

5:18 PM
Maestro checked me out of the hotel and took me over to the area where he and his guys grew up. They took me to a small place that had a big tent where they all drank beers and talked. They even had a pair of CDJ’s set up in case somebody felt like playing. I saw a woman walking up the street, balancing some of her belongings on her head as she walked. And she wasn’t walking slow. Do you understand what I’m saying? She was balancing some items on her head and it didn’t look light. What really stood out to me was seeing the children outside playing. Running around seemingly playing games. I’ve not seen children really play like that since the 90’s. Our kids are watching the Internet and playing video games. Nothing wrong with that, but there’s something to be said about children fellowshipping like that. There must be some social skills being developed. 
I was enjoying hanging with the guys on their downtime. The guys took me to lunch with them before taking me to the airport. The place was a common place for them. I felt privileged to be with Maestro and the entire crew. They had conversations in their language and big laughs as though I was a part of them. I didn’t understand a word they were saying but they were having such a good time that when they laughed I laughed. Whatever they just said sounded like it must have been hilarious. Once we arrived at the restaurant I could immediately tell that this place was a favorite here. It’s a buffet styled restaurant. They had Chicken Feet!! I know I should have tried it. One of the brothers, Sandile, seemed to enjoy them. But I passed and had the chicken and what I thought was pork. The food was good. We had beers and talked some more. I even took a photo with a guy in the restaurant that recognized me. That felt pretty cool. 

Waiting on the plane now. I’ll be here at the airport for a while. All good. Thanks for reading.

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