My trip to Ibiza was dope!!

August 25th, 2018 4:43pm
Why am I sitting here at Buffalo Wild Wings for over 10 minutes waiting for a server? When I’m annoyed like this, I start noticing all of the negative things about the situation I’m in. It’s a horrible practice. For example, I’m looking at a waitress who appears to be in training. She’s following another waiter and I suppose she’s learning how to handle/serve customers. 
While the waiter is taking the order of a customer, she’s standing beside him, moving her body to the music that’s playing in the overhead speakers. She’s not fully dancing but kinda moving to it. Ummmm. This is very, very poor etiquette for someone in training. And why do the women all look like they’ve just gotten out of a fight in prison? One of the young ladies is wearing fake eye lashes that are almost hanging off of her lids. Believe me. I’m not that snobby. But one of the waitresses is wearing sky blue eyeliner looking like the mascot for the Detroit Lions. Maybe I’m just hungry. 
Finally the waiter came after I asked someone to get him to serve my table. He’s friendly with a dash of hood. But whatever. I’m way too hungry to be getting upset. 
I’m pretty excited about this opportunity to go to Spain. 
EOL is a great collective that I’m proud to be a part of. 
A production like this isn’t cheap. And so we don’t get to do it all of the time. 

We’re about to take off and ummm. Yea that’s all I got. 

It’s only 8:29??!! This is going to be the longest six and a half hour flight ever. 
When we land we won’t have long before rehearsal. So now is the time to try and get a little rest. I have plenty of time. But I’m not sleepy dang it. 

Still not sleepy. So I suppose now is as good a time as any to run my mouth. I watched a documentary called Zeitgeist. And let me just say, holy crap. This challenges everything we know as humans. This documentary makes a bold claim that the story of more than one man born of a virgin that healed the sick and raised the dead predates Jesus Christ by over a thousand years. Horus the Egyptian God has the same exact story! And Mithra a Greek godlike person lived hundreds of years before Jesus. Krishna is another. There are many of these “holy men” born of a virgin and had 12 disciples, was killed and rose again 3 days later. And most of them were born on.... wait for it.... DECEMBER 25th. Yeah. Zeitgeist The Movie(2007) is the name the documentary. Watch it for yourselves. There’s a few things in this movie that challenges what we believe. A must see. Anyway Ibiza. Yay!!! I’m going to try and sleep now. 

August 26th, 2018, 3:06pm
We’ve arrived in Ibiza. But we only have an hour in our hotel before rehearsal. Our keyboard player wasn’t able to attend this gig. Louie has a backup player(Abel Marcel) that arrived with a cast on his right hand!!!! WHAT?!? How is this going to work???? We’ll see. 

August 27th, 2018 9:17am
Random thought. Do you remember Geoffrey Holder? He was an amazing Trinidadian-American dancer, actor, voice actor, and composer. He had soooooo much style and class. 
Anyway today is round 1. I must say, the keyboard player was very impressive with his left hand. I’d much rather his hand be healed. But he sounded good with his left hand playing everything. We’re going to do a rehearsal at sound check, and stay to do the show. Everybody is in good spirits. This should be a good show. One of the first times I’ll be sitting the whole time. I’m on keys during the whole set. 

First round done. We played a set as it streamed on the Internet. It was a private crowd and it was awesome. 
I have a vocal trainer(Deborah Zuke Smith) and I must say that the exercises really kicked in. I can hear it in my own voice. I felt very good. And the musicians in EOL are all pretty amazing at what they do. We had a special guest guitarist with us tonight. Paco Fernandez. One of the legendary Flamenco style players in Spain. This man is so very special. I feel honored to have shared the stage with him.  
After the performance, Louie took us to a Sushi spot that belongs to a friend of his. They fed us soooo much food. When I get back to my room, that toilet is going to pay the price!!! 

August 28th 2018 7:24pm
Tonight it’s going down. We had a very long rehearsal. The sound wasn’t what we were accustomed to. It needed tweaking for our liking. We tried to rehearse over it. But it proved difficult. Louie was trying his best to be patient. 

August 29th 2018 10:14pm
The show was good. We pulled it off nicely. There was a mistake or two. But to me the show was A+! The talented Richard Wilson was there painting a picture of The Elements Of Life that looked unbelievably lifelike. 
I wanted to hang and celebrate but I knew I had to get up for my flight. When we got to the airport we learned that our flight is delayed. There’s a possibility that we may not make our connecting flight in Paris. The flight was full of children. 3 or 4 we’re crying at once. I swear it’s true. One kid was doing something in the back of my chair, making me move. It’s as though the child was kicking my chair. Why are so many babies traveling these days?
When we arrived in Paris, we had to go through security and all of that. I felt anxious. Besides that, I can’t find my car and house keys. Gloria, my mom in-law, and my daughter are not picking up the phone. Now my anxiety is at a 5 alarm blaze. Once through security I had to run with my 3 bags through the airport. I almost knocked a woman down. I felt horrible. I hit the back of a child’s heel with my bag. I know it must have hurt. But I kept running. I’m sweating. My shirt is wet. It kinda feels like I have to pee, but I don’t wanna think about it. My stomach is hurting a little. Honestly, I thought maybe if I farted, the pain would go down. But as I was about to, I felt a surprise guest trying to join the party, so I reneged. One lady said, “we’re all going on the same flight.” I’m thinking to myself, “you’d better start running then”. 
The gate was K51. We started at C!
But I made the plane. Whew. My shirt was wet. I’m breathing hard. My head is now hurting. I’m thirsty. I get to my seat, 15J and there it was. A baby! Sitting right next to me!! Could this really be happening. And the seats are really really tiny. I’m barely squeezing in. 
Now let’s recap for a sec. 
I’m sweaty, just got off a very loud plane full of crying children, I just did an OJ Simpson impression running through the airport, I barely make my connecting flight, and now I have a baby sitting next to me. The mother says the child is 10 months old. Great!!!
Right now is a good time for a very hard drink. No ice. 

After a few moments, the woman with the baby was offered a better seat. Thank God for this blessing. 
I watched a movie entitled, “Goodbye Christopher Robin”. My eyes welled with tears as watched. This is the remarkable story of the man that wrote the children’s book, “Winnie The Pooh”. 
Anyway. I’m headed home now. I have a slight headache. But I feel blessed. Thanks for reading.

One more thing before I sign off. Zuleica manages everything band related with the assistance of Maritza Cancel and Moises Montoya. I need you all to really know that this whole production wouldn’t happen at all without their hard work. I just needed to acknowledge them. They’re all so so reliable and go the extra mile to make us all happy. Louie doesn’t have to tell them to do anything. It’s a wonderful situation. 
Cute ain’t she?

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