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March 30th, 2018 6:26AM
I’m in the airport, and I just spent $10 for a coffee and a sandwich. I’m older and can be a little hostile when talking about airport prices. 
However, I just watched the cutest thing. These two children have a very cute dog. Everybody loved the dog, even me. Two other kids came to play with this dog. At first I was getting annoyed because it’s 6:35AM! Why are we playing with dogs this early. But the children were so happy. And the dog seemed to be in tune with them. This was a special moment. The two kids who just met the dog had to go. Their mother came and said “say goodbye to the dog.” One of the children, who was so young she could barely talk properly, with the most beautiful smile and pig tails in her hair, stood up and said “BYE ROVER!!!”
My heart could barely take it. My eyes welled up fast. This was such a beautiful thing to witness. 
I’m headed to Detroit where we always have a crazy good time. My brother Rick Wilhite invited me out to come play some records at a party. This should be fun. Rick always always always proves to be a great host. 

Everything went smooth. I’ve landed safely. And my man Rick has me in Connie And Barbara’s restaurant. Let me tell you something, these people have the secret on SOUL COOKING! The menu has Chilly, Noni juice, and Chitterlings on it!! I’m having Grits, Eggs, Hot Links, and.... wait for it.....
You hear me what I say?? Kool-Aid!! I ordered the grape and lemonade mix!! 
Do you understand the meal I’m about to have?? As a matter of fact, I’ll talk witchall later. 

April 1st. 12:48AM

Tickets to the boat ride are selling and I can’t believe people are already buying tix. 48 minutes ago tix went on sale. We’ve sold 20!!
Minx is rocking the club right now. It’s feeling really good in here right now. 
Diviniti is keeping me company here at the spot. I don’t know anyone. And she must have seen me sitting alone and came over to keep a brother company. Ain’t she the sweetest?
Rick and I jumped on after Bruce Bailey did his thing. And it's a good feeling to work along side of someone you love and respect. 100% transparency and mutual respect. Rick is a musical dude. There's not too many good records released this dude doesn't know about. I always feel like a student when I'm around this dude.
After we played, Abicah Soul got on and took the party even higher. I love my job! 
The place was nice. Clean. Big. Very nice bar. Good people. All of the awesome things that make a Dope party.

April 1st 8:30PM

I’ve landed and on my way home. 

Detroit is always a lot of fun. Through the years I’ve gotten to know some of the people and it’s always fun involved in the trip. God Bless The D!!

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