Every Year We Do The Same......

thing. We decide who we will ask to play at the boat ride. We discuss how it will go down. It's all an exciting time. Everyone is thinking of ways to make it a better experience. I love it. It's a familiar feeling. It feels like Christmas is in the air. It's kinda like going shopping for a Christmas Tree.
We talk about what color the Tee Shirts will be, what kind of shirts we'll sell, whether they will be Tank Tops or Spaghetti strap shirts. Everybody is happy. Even the sound guy is ready. And having him is a humungous part of the entire experience, so we're winning so far.

As a producer/artist/songwriter/DJ, I've made the mistake of pigeon holing myself in one genre. Soulful House Music. Most people that come to see me are expecting me to either play or perform House music. Nothing at all wrong with that. However, sometimes I wish I would have broadened my musical horizons earlier in my career. I'm a musician. I come from a family of musicians, in which I am probably way low on the totem pole. I'm not being modest at all. I have cousins who are INCREDIBLE musicians. The one cousin who took time to show me how to really play the Piano/Hammond Organ when I was 10-12 years old is still WAY BETTER than I am. LOL!!!!!!!
So for me to expand musically is a natural move. It should have taken place years ago. However, here I am making musical moves now.

The decision to ask, the very talented, Rich Medina to play the boat ride was based on his ability to play music from many different genre's.
I'm a big Glenn Underground fan. Lot's of my followers don't know that I also love 90's Hip-Hop. Ol' Dirty Bastard, Hi-Tek and Slum Village are my go to's. Georgia Anne Muldrow is also worth mentioning.
I'm a really huge James Taylor, Pat Metheny, Sting, Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock, Jefferson Airplane, Donnie Hathaway, Steven Sondheim, Barbara Streisand fan. I have every album minus maybe 6 of Barbara's albums. 
As a child I was introduced and taught how to appreciate classical music. And to this day, I love it. I now have some albums that I loved as a child.

Why am I sharing this info, you ask?
Because if you're reading this, you're more than likely someone who is a House music lover. A club goer. Someone who's familiar with our House music culture. And I want to inform you that my musical taste are evolving to include other musical flavors.
I'm big on the music of Robert Glasper, Gregory Porter, Lionel Loueke, Jarrod Lawson, Hiatus Kaiyote, Gretchen Parlato and the like are making. 

I can do music that reflects my musical past and will introduce my future. I just bought mics for my drum set at home. What that means is the productions are about to get really organic.
One of the deflating factors is that there aren't a lot of musicians in the world of Soulful House Music.
Most of the people that do House music for a living started as DJ's, not musicians. And, respectfully, some of the musicians in House music that I've met through the years don't have the chops I need to execute my vision. 
So it's hard for me to gather a bunch of cats and go after the musical direction I envision for myself as an artist/producer.
If I were to ask some jazz musicians to come by and play some jams with me, respectfully, the music will tend to sound too jazzy. What I'm looking for are musicians who can appreciate the many styles of soul music and not just one. I know some guys that can surely get the job done, but I'd have to deal with their pseudo humility and huge egos. 
It really does suck.
Some of the very best musicians in the world are in the church. But I find it difficult to work with a musician who isn't interested in building a musical situation with me. Most musicians I've met in the church are only interested in doing a work for hire. Nothing wrong with that at all. Just not what I'm looking for.

Either way, I'm on my path. God has a tendency to put the right people in place at the right times.
I now have a proper booking agent whom I've known for at least 30 years. Together we're making moves to broaden the whole "Josh Milan Live Performance" profile. And I'm grateful. So grateful. This man is a booking agent. That's what he does and he does it well. 
Everybody needs help, and nobody needs it more than I. 
Having someone to help with bookings helps me to focus on my music. 

I did my debut album last year. It was and still is selling very well. I'm very pleased with how that continues to be introduced to the world.
I've started production on a funk album. It has disco and funk influences. The songs are not all 4 to the floor records. The topics are not about saving the world, and world peace.
Some of the topics are racy, and sexual. These are topics that I've never written about. There may even be some language involved. And the language is only to address the topic, not to be vulgar.
I'm going to release this music as a vinyl release only. I may even speak with another label to partner with me on this.

Shouts to Louie Vega. This dude is someone that I continuously pay close attention to. We work together often. I like the method in which he gets music done and his level of brand building. Louie's work ethic is something I've not achieved. LOL. I like to go to sleep, rest and eat food like normal humans. LOL!!!!!!! But I've learned quite a bit about prioritizing my vision for myself.
Through Louie's introduction, I have an attorney now!! 
For years I was reluctant about hiring an attorney because of the cost. But the truth is, every recording artist should have a good attorney. 
Doesn't it sound simple? That's probably the hardest decision that an artist has to face. "Do I spend this money on an attorney, or do I try to read this agreement myself and go for it?"
The fact is, a recording artist can not afford to NOT have an attorney!
Music has been my only source of income for over 30 years! How I've done it without an attorney, I'll never know.
I hope you don't mind my rambling.
It's just that a lot is happening over here at Honeycomb Music and I know that you guys can't see what's happening because the music isn't released.

Ritmo Y Tumbao, that is Dres Ramos & Cuba Ulacia, have finished their album. We're talking a Latin Jazz/Funk/House music album with guest vocalist. Very different for Honeycomb Music.
Janine Lyons has an entire album finished and ready to be experienced. Janine is a poet with some words of healing, affirmation, truth, and sensuality. This is a project that is way way different for all of us. 
Dawn Tallman's album is also finished! That project took us over 4 years to complete, but it was well worth the wait. Dawn shows us her true identity on this project. She's doing some singer/songwriter type stuff as well as some Rufus and Chaka Khan influenced material. Diviniti is a singer/songwriter out of Detroit that I feel needed to do a project that focuses on her writing ability and songwriting influences. The production is simple and spacey. This music sounds like Steely Dan and Burt Bacharach had a baby.

The bottom line is that musically we're growing at the label. And as a Producer/Songwriter/Artist, I'm growing. And I wanted to share that with you.

For tix to the Annual Birthday Boat Ride coming this June 23rd, go to: 


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