Baltimore is really...

full of promise with respect to a thriving soul music night life. Night life. Soul Music. I feel grateful to be a part of those two positive forces.. But I digress..
I'm headed to Baltimore!!!!!!!!!

April 2nd 2018 7:50AM
I’M LATE!!!!

I’m at Newark Penn Station. Minding my own business. Already I’ve seen prostitutes, a lot of soliciting, people begging for money. So many things I’ve seen in 15 minutes. And what really bothers me is that all of the people doing these things were black. It’s an unsettling feeling. And that’s not to say that these are bad people. It’s just very unfortunate. 
Having said that, I was standing at the top of the escalator, eating my sausage and egg croissant when an elderly man on the escalator fell backwards almost as soon as he reached the top. He fell back down to half of the length of the escalator. 
Here’s the thing, I stood right there and continued to put ketchup on my sandwich. I know I know I know. I’m terrible. But my first thought was, this is a scam. He fell too slowly and ridiculously. But I later realized that this wasn’t a scam at all. And now I feel really horrible. Because I watched the man fall and struggle to get up. I did nothing. Am I a monster? Stop laughing!!
And don’t judge me either. 


There’s a lot of cabbies standing out here at the train station as I wait for Teddy to get me. I wonder if they know how annoying it is to be harassed? “Excuse me brother, are you waiting for an Uber or a Lyft or something?”
Do they realize how rude and invasive it is to ask a stranger about their itinerary? Is that ok anywhere? Do they do that somewhere?
This is extreme, but humor me for a sec. Let’s say your daughter is waiting on a bus. And some strange man says “Hello. Are you waiting for a cab? Where are you going? I can take you.”
Doesn’t that seem a little creepy? And there’s like 10 dudes out here asking. And if I were honest, they look a little menacing. Some had that “I’m on probation” look. One of them looked young. Maybe early 30’s. And he was really aggressive. Asking way too many questions. 
Teddy arrives, and just like that, the fun begins. 
Teddy Douglas is a producer/DJ that’s been making his own path since the 80’s.


He’s someone that we respect. A very relevant pioneer. A legend. Someone who’s offered his shoulders for us to stand on. If you say something negative about him in front of people, you may get slapped. Bow your head when you enter this mans presence. Just an incredibly beautiful dude. He’s like an endangered species. There’s maybe 1 or 2 guys I know in the entire industry who are as beautiful. 


Sound check went ok. I didn’t like the shape my voice was in. I’ve not had a real rest since Detroit the other night. This gig is interesting. There’s a keyboard player and percussionist on stage with me. Now this makes it all nice and entertaining. 
Producer extraordinaire, Charles Dockins.

played keys and percussionist Davon McKoy.

played well together. I felt as though I had a full band. 


Random thought. Why was titty such  a bad word growing up?


THE GIG WAS DOPE. I very much fed off of the energy in the room. And the Baltimore family made it lovely.
The cats came out. We had a party. Teddy played some gems. I did what I do and it turned out lovely. 
One thing I forgot to do was introduce the band. I goofed. Feeling bad about that. 
Overall, I felt well looked after. Teddy and his entire crew took very good care of me. I’ll have to be a better host at my events. There’s a sister there who’s name escapes me, but she made a ginger infused tea from scratch. Listen to me what I say(home talk for “now hear this”). 
I considered stealing the thermal thingy she kept the tea in. She put love in every cup. I felt like I was now initiated in the family. She wasn’t selling the tea. She just made it to share. You see what I’m talking about? Love was in the air in Baltimore. I feel blessed to be on the receiving end of it. 

Thanks for this everybody.

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