May 12, 2018 1:46pm
Is it me, or does the airline stewardess have a really high butt while standing all of 5'3 with 6 inch heels on? I don't think I've ever seen anything like this. A really short person with a high butt. And why does she insist on walking up and down the airplane aisle? There's something about this woman that makes me feel she's advertising. Is a high butt attractive?? Why is her torso so short? I'm uncomfortable. 
Well anyway, I was going through the TSA security point and one TSA worker said to the other, "Are you going on the bus ride?" To which the other replied "I toll huh I ain't going tudat." She couldn't be anymore loud. It kinda felt like she knew that everyone in the line heard her, and she liked this attention. What hurt my feelings is she didn't realize we were all cringing at her butchering the English language and that she was obnoxious. I think she felt that we were admiring her. Normally I would have laughed to myself. But I felt embarrassed for her. She didn't know that her ignorance was showing. Does that make me a snob? I just felt like we all stepped back into time when I noticed this sister was entertaining massa with her buffoonery. You ever see a sister say things like "No she di int". It felt like that. 
So yea. ATLANTA! YAY!!!!!!!!! My man Miko asked me to come out and play and I felt honored. Miko is a good dude. People have good things to say about him and my experiences with him have all been good. So I accepted. I plan to enjoy. People in ATL know how to have a good time. So let's go. 

I'm chillin. Waiting on Miko to arrive and I hear "Confession". This brother rolls up on me blasting the song in the car with an IPad filming me. Talk about a welcome. I knew right away we were going to have a good time when we made a B Line to Popeyes Chicken!! Nothing says "we cool" like breaking bread at Popeyes. 

May 13th 11:15 pm
So as I'm waiting for my ride to arrive, a woman comes into the lobby directly to me. "Excuse me sir, can you please help me? I just need $189 for a room tonight. Me and my kids have no where to sleep." 
She couldn't have been 25. And the children in the carriage were very little babies. When she left me and walked out of the hotel, one of the workers said, "Now take care of those kids. It's cold outside." When he shut the door, he and his coworkers laughed a little. 
That hurt my feelings. People that are homeless are not always stupid, dirty, on drugs, or criminals. These guys thought it was funny to laugh at this woman. Is this where we are as people? We laugh at those that ask us for help?
I'm headed to this event, let me get my mind right. 

May 14th 6:13am
Yo. I'm still playing music. 
These people are still dancing!! 

I'm on the plane thinking about everything. The first DJ that played goes by Turk. Dude was very aggressive musically. He came to BEAT THAT BOX! He was very good. His blends were seamless and selections were very tasty! I've not heard of dude but apparently, he ain't no joke. I got a chance to rap with him afterwards and it turns out, he's an overall awesome dude to know.
Miko had a team of cats helping him with the night. 
Yusuf Terry went on after Turk. Yusuf has been playing music for years. Doing it for the love. When you've been playing music for as long as guys like Yusuf, blends and selections come naturally. And this night is no exception. He played passionately. Getting lost in the music he played. That's always nice to see. 
After Yusuf I played till close. I wanted more of that fried fish Miko and Deandre Halbert was cooking. Man. Miko had the seasoning down to a science. The flavor. It was so so so good. Everybody ate for FREE!!! EVERYBODY!
The night was a very good night. I appreciated being a part of it!

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