Kia Stewart delivers her debut Elation EP with much elation and pride!

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Honeycomb Music is extremely proud to present Kia Stewart's stellar debut, titled the Elation EP. With full support from Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega, DJ Joe Claussell and many notable others, Kia's sound and style has been heating up dancefloors around the world with "He Still Loves Me" and "Winner" - both of them smash singles! For her debut EP, Kia exquisitely explores topics of love, life and optimism. What's the biggest message? It's simple. Kia says that "it's ok to LOVE and to be in LOVE! In life, you will sacrifice and work hard for those you love… never give up!" We couldn't agree more. And why Honeycomb? That too is simple. "Josh makes me see music from another angle… Honeycomb has my heart," she exclaims. You have our hearts too Kia! For more of this good music, get stuck on Honeycomb @

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Recorded and mixed by Moise "Big Moses" LaPorte at Shiny Rock Studios and Josh Milan at Honeycomb Music Studios in East
Stroudsburg, PA, where indicated.
Mastered by Adam Cruz at EbbnFlow Studios in Bloomfield, NJ.
Executive Produced by Josh Milan and Adam Cruz.
Distributed by The Cruz Music Group, a Division of Mixtape Sessions Music, LLC.
©2017 Honeycomb Music, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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