Honeycomb Artist Spotlight: Kia Stewart - Elation EP (interview)

Honeycomb Music Artist Spotlight: Kia Stewart
By Amanda Frontany

April 9, 2017

link >> honeycombmusic.bandcamp.com/album/elation-ep

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On Sunday, April 9th, 2017, Honeycomb Music Recording Artist Kia Stewart released her long-awaited EP titled “Elation.” The album includes her hits “He Still Loves Me” and “Winner”-- both of which have been hugely successful dance floor favorites around the globe thanks to legendary tastemakers Louie Vega, Joe Claussell, and Honeycomb’s CEO, Josh Milan. The album also includes new gems with production by Josh Milan and guest producer Moises “Big Moses” Laporte. We are all elated for Kia’s new project!!!

I caught up with the songstress recently to find out more about her new album, her creative process, her influences, and her future plans as a gifted artist.  Enjoy!


Kia Stewart!!! Congratulations on “Elation!” The title itself is truly fitting as you always exude so much joy and elation. How did you arrive at this title?

Kia: After Josh and I completed an initial studio session, he said, “go home and think about what this project means to you.” So I put all my feelings together and the word “Elation” came up as I thought about different synonyms and definitions...and the word, the feeling itself, really stuck with me.

It’s a great title. Your singles “He Still Loves Me” and “Winner” are so uplifting and energizing. What can we expect to hear with your new tracks on the album?

Kia: On this new album you will get a mix of jams, some smooth tunes, and they will all definitely pull you to the dancefloor.

I’m sure you will have everyone dancing again. Can you tell us about your experiences with writing and recording music for “Elation?” What was it like to work with both Josh Milan and Big Moses? 

Kia: Recording with these two incredibly talented brothers is an honor. Josh and Moses bring so much energy and creativity to the sessions. I love our working relationships because we get so much accomplished and have a ball while getting it done!!

Aside from the role of Singer, you can also add Director to your list of creative achievements. You recently directed your own video for your single “Winner.” How did this accomplishment come to fruition? And where can we see the video?

Kia: The lyrics for “Winner” are so uplifting. I wanted to bring them to life through some of my personal experiences: watching my family and friends go through challenging times, like cancer and job loss. I was so inspired to put all of these feelings and experiences into a video to let people know that you are a winner no matter what life throws at you. All things will work out-- just stay on your grind, stay focused. So once I decided to make a video, I pulled together a great team assisted by Shawn Reddick. Shawn really helped me turn my vision into reality. You can see the video for “Winner” on Joshua Milan’s Youtube page. 

Here’s the direct link:

The video is really inspiring and complements the song. When did you begin singing professionally? How did it all begin?

Kia: Four years ago I decided to give a professional singing career a chance. Through Shawn Reddick, I was able to take on this opportunity. He took me to a studio in East Orange, NJ, and there I met the engineer Rashad Muhammad. And the rest, as they say, is history!!!

Who are your influences as a singer-songwriter? What music do you listen to when you’re not working on your own?

Kia: I am influenced by David “Pic” Conley and Mary J. Blige. As far as what kind of music I listen to, I listen to all genres. If it grabs me, I gravitate towards it.

In talking with Honeycomb’s Josh Milan, he has discussed how difficult it is for artists today-- in terms of earning a living-- due to the digital direction the industry has gone in with streaming music sites, file sharing, etc. Hardly anyone purchases their own music anymore, and the artists are suffering. What advice do you have for up-and-coming singers/songwriters in terms of pursuing this as a career, or even as a side career?

Kia: This is a very hard business. You can never stop grinding, and working on your craft. In the meantime, definitely have an income coming in from somewhere else because this is an expensive “hobby.” Keep striving until the love of your craft can pay your bills.

That’s fantastic advice. I know you are extremely involved in promoting your own releases as a Honeycomb artist. How will you continue to promote “Elation” over the coming weeks and months? Where will you be performing?

Kia: Yes, I will always promote any and everything that I do, via Facebook, Instagram and my website KiaStewart.com. Upcoming shows are always a plus and yes, I have several planned. On April 22nd I will be performing at the 3rd Annual One Night Only event in Hillside, NJ. We are celebrating the “Elation” album release. Contact me on Facebook for advance tickets and details. In May, I will be in Chicago. And later in May on the 27th, I am performing at the Urban House Movement Music Festival at Lincoln Park in Newark, NJ. I am really excited to perform on Josh Milan’s Birthday Cruise to the Bahamas in June. On August 19, I will be performing in Long Branch, NJ. 

Wow! You are a busy lady! I truly admire your hard work to promote your music.  How do you plan to follow this joy-filled EP? What are you working on for the future?

Kia: Well so far everything has been the feeling of the music. It brings out this feeling where I know this is what I want to sing about. Right now I am still writing, but a new single is definitely in the near future.

And we look forward to that new single as well as “Elation.” Thank you so much for your time. We cannot wait to support your new EP when it is released this Sunday, April 9th at www.honeycombmusicstore.com. Congratulations again to you, Kia Stewart!

“My favorite part of performing is being received by my audience. Seeing them sing along, dance and vibe.  It’s an epic experience.  It’s the reason why I do what I do.”  -- Kia Stewart

For all Kia Stewart booking inquiries, email office@honeycombmusicstore.com

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