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March 22, 2017 4:12am

It's 4am!!!! Why is this woman allowing her child to play his Nintendo game with the volume on 11? 
And there's another woman not far from the kid talking. Just talking. And still talking. She's 40 something. She feels cute. Her hair is brunette. She's maybe a size 8-10. But here's the thing. What good is a size 10 if you're built like a crayon? No curves. Nothing at all appealing in my humble opinion. Pasty complected skin. She has the ugliest electric blue mani and pedi with sparkles in it! Ughhhhhh!!!
I wouldn't have noticed all of this had she kept her thin, chapped lips shut. But she went on and on about nothing. And her voice, oh God her voice. She sounded like a nasally cat with throat cancer. It was like a whiney, malnourished chicken. Between her and the video game kid, I'm ready to slap someone. Wait. Wait. 
So I notice a woman walking around seemingly annoyed. Her hair was the equivalent of a dirty weave recycled from a rats corpse. It's a sandy dirt color, kinda matted and kinda braided. Mangled with her natural hair somehow. She's clearly unkempt. Dirt in her fingernails, probably from digging and scratching. I learned that she was annoyed because she was made to check a bag that she didn't feel needed to be checked. So she's walking around pissy and blowing. She's making aggravated noises and talking loudly to herself. She's seeking attention from anyone willing to listen. The problem is, it's 4am!!!! Nobody cares!!!
Well, as fate would have it, she sits right next to me on the plane! Yea! Next to me!! Smelling like sleep. Its the smell of dirty clothes, fresh out of the hamper, mixed with sorrow and pain. I'm going to say one more thing and I'll leave her alone. But, I feel like when a person has a large stomach, they should wear clothes that prevent people from seeing it. I have a large stomach myself. I get it. But this woman is wearing her daughters tee shirt. The bottom of the shirt is right above her naval and her stomach is covering her zipper. Lawd I can't. 

My wife tells me all of the time to watch what I say. So I think I've said enough. 
I'm done! 
But Miami, yay!!!!!!!!
I've been in a tough space lately and this trip to the sun may do me some good. Louie invited me to play and sing with EOL Soulfrito and Dawn is singing BGV's. Dawn is my people so it'll be fun to rock with her and she's always full of laughs. I've got new music to play when I DJ tonight so that should be fun. 

Random thought, why do people say "Have a safe flight"? I'm not in control of the flight. Don't all people want a safe flight? Do they think I'll maybe do some break dancing or up-rocking while the plane is taking off, causing us to have an unsafe flight? Or maybe do laps running up and down the aisle? Why would I not have a safe flight? Now "drive safe" is altogether different. I'm in control of the driving and it's up to me to drive safely. But please tell me, how is a safe flight achieved? Should I make sure the pilot is not texting while operating this machinery?


I've landed and Zuleica and Maritza picked us up.
Some of the band members were on the same plane as I. We went straight to the venue. They weren't even open. But because we're having an early Soundcheck we're not going to our rooms right away. Louie's team is professional like that. There's rarely a lot of room for messin about. I actually enjoy it because I don't like to mess around either. I'm an early guy when it comes to work. I arrive early and leave late. 


I'm at Soundcheck and I see a friend that I needed to apologize to. What made my day, was that not only did he accept my apology, he was acting like it wasn't a big deal. I believe if a person does something wrong, they need to acknowledge it. Especially if you respect the person. This experience made this whole trip worth. I'm happy. 


Louie started playing music after the Soundcheck. He was playing slower Funk bands. So I followed his lead with some Funk and although it was the beginning of the night with a few people there, I really enjoyed playing. There's no pressure. No need to mix. Just playing good good music. And some of the people actually got up to dance. I really loved it. 


The show was nice. Louie and I very often have the same ideas. This Soulfrito band is right up my alley. I'm actually doing something very similar to this at Honeycomb. Playing with this band feels natural. Axel is awesome on keys. Gene on bass and Luisito on drums is a very easy combination to play with. 

March 23rd 5:58pm

I'm here at Soundcheck and we have a little time to kill. So I'm out here people watching. And my thought is this, I've got to get my money up!! LOL
To be current within the latest fashion trends, one has to be rich. Or well connected. But more importantly, there's so many people here that have had cosmetic surgery. On one hand I get it. I do. Some people would rather just purchase a better look. But I wonder at what cost? What health risk does one take getting enlarged breast, butt, or lips? We can't all assume that people are going to the best surgeons. In my opinion, it's not worth it. The new body part never looks real. And there's a possible health hazard. Nah. 

March 24th 10:00am

Last night was dope. I played keys and sang background for the legendary Roy Ayers. That's a trip. I've played this man's music for many years and now I'm on stage with him. The show went well. Louie was doing his thing very well. We all had fun. I enjoyed being onstage with Dawn Tallman. We're friends but I'm still a fan. Axel Tosca, Luisito Quintero, Roberto Quintero, and Gene Perez are all very professional musicians. So my job was easy. 
I'm on my way back to do this performance at my CD/Book release party. I'm ready!!!!!!!

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