God Or Fate?

God or Fate? 

Most people I know believe in some sort of "higher power". My Christian friends say that this being is the one and only God. And his name is Jehovah or Yahweh. My "new agey", super deep friends say that this being lives in us and is called "Our Higher Consciousness".  Here's my question. Assuming you believe in God, where do we draw the line between fate and God's will?  I had a fortunate turn of events happen over the last two days. And my belief is that God made it happen.  But first, let's look at that word FATE. I've looked at a few dictionaries. And all of them say that fate is "That which is inevitably and unavoidably predetermined.  Hmmm...  Predetermined? OK.... But predetermined by who? Did someone predetermine what would happen to me, and how is that predetermination carried out? I got a call from an agent that I admire. He expressed interest in collaborating with me to make some opportunities happen. Great! No promises. Just interest and commitment.  I also heard from a friend of mine whom I had a disagreement with about a business venture and while on this call/text, we were able to agree and move forward with that venture. Seamless. Without ever showing any animosity, anger or disrespect toward each other. I'm writing a book that needed major help, and one of my artist was able to make that happen saving me a lot of money. And she was able to get my book published. This is not a testimony. Nor am I trying to market any music or whatever. But a question. ALL OF THIS happened within two or three days. I just so happened to say a prayer about my career before all of this happened. And BOOM! Prayers are answered.  It's 7:07am on Jan. 20th. Inauguration Day! I'm drinking coffee with some cinnamon sprinkled in it, looking at my Christmas Tree. Yes, Christmas Tree. Shut Up!! I'm feeling Uber grateful. And I want to share this story with some of you who are feeling frustrated about decisions in your life. Prayer is amazing! And I'm not at all deep neither am I super spiritual. So if prayer worked for me........ I suppose I'll start removing the decorations off of the tree today.

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