December 30th 5:58am

It's 5:48am and I'm blogging. I really need to find more things to do. LOL! My man Sean Alvarez invited me to come do the Promontory. And I love Chi. So this gig is a no brainer. I'm ready.  


I'm in my seat. This plane is packed. Everybody seems a little annoyed. 
And someone farted in my area. Not sure if it's the older woman next to me or the young lady in the aisle across from me. 
Why do I feel like everyone is looking at me? 
What is that? If I farted I'd have excused myself or something! This is offensive!
Anyway. Chicago! Yay!!!!!


We're in the air and I just experienced racism. Wow! The guy in front has a baby in his lap. The baby has a cold and is coughing. I won't mention that nobody is covering the child's mouth. Anyway, the baby coughs and the pacifier flew out of the mouth of the child. It's now on the floor next to me. The guy was breaking his back, stretching his arm painfully, trying to reach it. But his seatbelt is on. He can't reach it. So I carefully pick it up, making sure not to touch the part that goes in the baby's mouth. When I pass it to the guy, he has an attitude! As though he didn't want my dirty black hands touching his baby's pacifier! Now I've been told that I can be sensitive. But this guy really has a problem. He seemed exacerbated and annoyed. He didn't say thank you. Maybe he feels like if he needed help he would have asked for it. 
I'll be the bigger person. I'll let him live. LOL. Sad though. 


Random thought. Remember Sea Monkeys? What were they really?


So I decide to stop in The Silver Room. And man, they've got everything. Leather travel bags that I'd love, Jewelry, hats, shades, artwork. And they were playing Herbie Hancock!!!!! The fusion 1970's Herbie Hancock. The staff made me feel quite at home. It was dope. Reminds me of the cd store in 5 points ATL. Really comfortable and fly. 


So I'm at the venue. Sean Alvarez is there. Extremely professional. Everything looks and feels great. I'm at the bar located downstairs having a tea. Nobody seems to have any connection with the club upstairs. It's as though the restaurant and club are entirely different venues. The lady next to me must've gathered that I'm part of the event taking place upstairs. She asks "Excuse me, what kind of music are they playing tonight?" So I replied, "House". That was it. End of conversation right? No. Her boyfriend looks around her and stares at me. It seems he needs me to know that she's with him. So I say, in my most non-threatening tone "Peace Brother". 
He stood up ever so slightly and raised his voice a little. "Peace What?!?"  
His girl put her hand on the guys chest and said "No!"
I'm thinking, "What just happened? Did I almost get beat up just now?"
Dude just raised up on me! He was very big and muscular. Veins in his neck. I even peed on myself a little bit. Not enough to wipe or anything. My underwear could pretty much absorb this amount. But the point is, I was a little startled. So I repeated myself. In an attempt to regain any sense of toughness that just fled my body. "I said PEACE BROTHER". And he replied. "Oh oh. Yeah. Wassup".
What the heck was that?
Whatever. This restaurant/bar is sexy. They're playing James Brown. And they have the album displayed to show the customers what's being played. "Black Caesar", Dope!


So I did the gig. It kinda felt like I was entertaining family in my living room. Really cozy. Everybody seemed to have fun. Sean looked happy. So I'm feeling great. Saw the entire Chi crew. Met some new Chi peeps. Met some Facebook friends which was cool. They all gave me so much love. 


Usually when I blog, the craziest things happen at the airport or on the plane. 
So as I'm sitting in the plane, a sister boards the plane with a plate of food!! I'm talking a paper plate with the aluminum foil on it. Martin Luther King Blvd. style!!!!! I couldn't believe it. So now that she's taken her seat, I see her bow her head. I'm thinking, "is she saying grace?"
Nothing wrong with saying grace. But wait a sec. You're not about to eat a plate of fried chicken & fries on this plane are you? Really? She had the entire plane reeking of ketchup and grease!!!!!!! Why am I embarrassed? 
But anyway I'm home. Great trip. 

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