Tambor party in ATL was kinda....

DOPE!!!!!! But let me start from the top.


Dec 12th 4:01pm
Somehow, I can't help but feel like the big dude on the plane. I recently lost a nice amount of weight, but I'm still the big dude on this plane. Crazy right? 

I go to my seat, feeling good about my career. I was thinking about the people that started around the time I started in this music industry. We were all close back then. And here I am, 30 years later, doing it stronger than I ever did it. I feel grateful... 

But that's when it happened. 

I go to click in my seatbelt buckle and...... it's too small. It's way too small even. Why is this happening? I was able to click my seatbelt buckle on United airlines when I was even bigger than I am now.  

So the first thing I did was let my ego take over my thoughts. I sucked my stomach in, trying to act like "it couldn't be that I'm too big. There must be something wrong with my seat belt." So I ask the flight attendant, very quietly, "Hello ma'am. Would you happen to have a seatbelt extender?" 
To which she replied, seemingly annoyed that I spoke so softly, "Excuse me?"

So before I asked again, my ego said "She heard you! What you should do is mention that one of her front teeth is a burnt buttery sickly yellow color!" But instead I asked again. 
She saw that I was being quiet about it. Why is she so annoyed? Why is she talking to me as though she's offended? I know I have no reason to be embarrassed. America itself is overweight. But for some reason, I wanted to keep this whole seatbelt thing between us. 

As we have this cute little back and forth in the back of the plane, she turns to the front of the plane and says "Amy. I need an extender!" in what seemed like the most unprofessional manner possible. She yelled across the plane. Yelled! Now people are turning around to see the big slob man who couldn't get his seatbelt on. Crazy right? 
So when she handed it to me, she said "Here ya go sir" all chipper like. Now I'm thinking to myself, "did I date this woman back in the day and treat her poorly?" I put my hand in front of my mouth in an attempt to smell my own breath because I must be offensive to this woman. Clearly she hates my guts! What have I done to this woman?

Anyway, Atlanta.... YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Landed. Yay!!!!!!! I'm connecting with DJ Kemit and his lovely wife. We're shooting a video for "Confession". It's a track on his EP "Together" that features myself on vocals. He's picking me and my empty stomach up. 


The video went super well. One problem, I went to the my hotel for less than an hour. No time to rest. Oh noooooo!!
Earlier this week I got a note on Facebook from a cat that lives here. He invited me to hang with him and the ATL crew. Some of you that know me know that I like a good dinner. And the place was amazing. My man Deandre Halbert, Tony Jaxx, Anthony, Michael Alan and a few brothers treated me to dinner. It was the sweetest thing ever. We talked music and music related stuff. Good times. I felt the genuine love from my ATL brothers. 

Later on, when I arrived, the place was pumping. The speaker system was so big and loud that I thought the windows we're going to break. Felt like everyone was there. ATL represented. But why am I so nervous???

I think it has something to do with the fact that I don't practice nearly like I should. I believe if a person wants to truly grow in anything they chose,they must work on it. 

One of the first persons I see is my own sister. My stepsister. But I believe that stepsisters are sisters. I've not seen her in many years. I loved that moment. So now I'm nervous and emotional. Greeaaat!!


December 13th 3:30am
I had a great set. Lots of love was shown. And I mean LOVE. I miss when clubs gave that kind of love. I was making a few mistakes and the people didn't throw me out. Stan had a mixer that I wasn't familiar with. And the first thing I do, even before playing my first record was the biggest mistake of the night. I pressed the wrong button and shut the music off entirely!!!!!!! 

OH MY GOD!!! What have I done??? SILENCE!!!
Anyway the night was extra beautiful. Music was good. Energy was perfect. There were people there from everywhere. Stan Zeff seemed happy with the turn out.
North Carolina, Jersey, Detroit, NYC, VA, man. It was packed. DJ Lionel Burt was there!! This cat is one of the true house music pioneers from Jersey! I always feel extremely humbled when he's around. When I started he was the man to get your records to. I have a lot of respect for him.
I was even invited to breakfast a few times by some people I didn't even know. Just beautiful. 


There are a few guys doing this music that travel a lot. I have so much admiration for them. We can all see them on FB going here and there. It's inspiring to me. Times like right now as I sit on this plane, I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude. I'm grateful for my gifts. And I'm able to travel the world and make a living doing what I love. The truth is, to have any legitimate source of income is a real blessing. But to do what you love doing is special. And what made this trip that much more special is a met a lot of people who really enjoy what I do. It's enough to make a man cry. 

Thanks God. 

As soon as get off this plane, it's off to Lou Alvarez's gig in Newark. SŌL DEEP. Lou is a cat we all love and respect. Dawn Tallman is coming to sing. So that should be fun. 

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