This may seem silly..

but today I saw something beautiful and sad at the same time. I saw the 
prettiest bird this morning. All gray back and head, with a yellow belly. It had 
little red, and some white accents on it. I've seen this type of bird plenty of 
times. I think it knows that it's beautiful because usually these little birds 
fly in small clusters. And they have the prettiest song that they sing together. 
And they scare off easy. One will never get close to these birds. 
The sad part is this bird was dead. All by itself. It looks as though it just 
died within the hour. 
As I watched it for a moment, I thought to myself "I wonder if birds mourn the 
loss of their fellow birds? How did this bird die? Why is it that we see so many 
birds daily, yet we rarely see a dead bird? Do they have a preference in 
surroundings when it's their time to die? Did this birds family and friends 
fight and argue over its possessions? Are there birds in heaven? Did this bird 
talk to God before it died? Although this bird is very small, was it an adult? 
Do birds respect their elder birds? 
Well, whatsoever, this bird is dead. And there is no celebration. 
Nobody is here telling funny stories about this birds life. Nobody knows this 
birds name. And some predator will probably discover and eat this bird. 
This may seem silly, but I'm a little saddened. Everybody loves a nice park with 
pretty birds flying and singing in it. Right? Who doesn't enjoy that? It usually 
reflects the imagination of God. Don't we owe something to this bird for giving 
our beautiful days some contrast and color? 
I know. I'm sensitive. But there are some cultures that respect life to an 
extreme extent and would have buried this bird. 
Please do not misunderstand me. I'm not opposed to a nice seasoned fried chicken 
wing. But I'd hate to see a whole chicken dead on a door step. There's something 
sad and cold about that. 
I know. Kinda silly right?
But yet my heart tells me..... no. My heart screams out loud that this is sad. I 
saw the bird dead last night. And when I woke up this morning, the bird was 
still there. That means that it's little body was laying in the cold all night 
all alone. My thinking is that I wouldn't want my dead corpse laying in the 
street all night and still there in the morning. I'm sure that the bird values 
it's life like I value mine. Well........ Rest in peace pretty little nameless 
bird. I respect you. I hope you are somewhere flying and singing with other 
birds like you somewhere in the great beyond.

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