I have mixed emotions.

I'm so bothered by this bombing in Boston. From the suspects, to the reaction of some of these patriotic Americans. 
There's so many unanswered questions. So many unexplained "facts". This is a no situation. All around, NOBODY wins. 
When the police moved in on the brothers, shoots were fired. It's said that people were cheering "Go get em!"
If the brothers are guilty of this, shame on them. If they in fact are guilty, and we have proof of their involvement, the point remains that cheering is highly inappropriate. A little boy is dead. I believe he was 8 years old. There are so many birthday parties, Christmas eve's, Halloweens, and such, that he will never enjoy. He may have been a great Dr. or world changer. What the hell are we cheering about? What did we win? A little boy is dead!!! What is there to celebrate? And on the other a 26 year man is now killed by the police. He will never be able to plead his case either. But the 19 year old younger brother, who is highly regarded amongst his peers and school teachers as a good person. One man said that if the boy was involved, he must have been coerced by his older brother. The family feels as though the men are being setup. The point is, we don't know anything. In America a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Right? Have we proven that these men deserve death by the bullet? America is known for wrongful killings by our government. We have so much innocent blood on our hands. And yet we're so quick to kill in the name of justice. Lets say that the men are guilty. Lets say they planned to kill the 8 year old and others. How do we handle that? Do we arrest them and lock them in a 5x5 cell never to have normal interactions with their family again or do we rush in and kill them? Before you answer that, imagine if the men involved were your sons, uncles or brothers. 
No trial or anything will be done, there will be no way we will ever know if the men really were armed. The police are known to lie. They are known to plant guns, and set up innocent people to cover up a false arrest.
This is as American as baseball!
Lets get our facts straight before we make an assessment people. We know America don't we? Remember Amadou Diallo, an unarmed man that the police shot 41 times, Rodney King who although was wrong, he was beaten unnecessarily by the LAPD, and even  The Move 9? Google the story of The Move 9. Don't forget that America is an arrogant whore. She doesn't mind her business. And she'll get you killed if you're not careful. And the minute someone calls her out, kinda like what I'm doing now, she'll say "Well you can leave. You don't have to stay here." Instead of acknowledging my statements. Instead of cleaning her act up, she'll come after me as though I'm a criminal. The hip hop pioneer Chuck D of the famous rap group Public Enemy felt the need to pull back from his soaring career because of the many death threats he was getting. His positive, culturally conscious lyrics pointed out misdoings and crimes that have been unaccounted for especially against people of color, by the American government. 
The law here in America, and by the law I mean to say the powers in America that control the law, are full of lies. We still can't account for the assassination of President John. F. Kennedy. Sure, they're telling us that Lee Harvey Oswald is the cat that killed him. And they're telling us that Jack Ruby was so distraught that he rushed passed security wielding a gun and killed Lee Harvey before he could see a trial. Are we really that stupid? I believe that Lee Harvey had to get killed because he may have ratted the government out and this whole assassination of JFK would be solved. We may have even learned the truth about our hypocritical, lying government. 
If you don't get anything from what I'm saying, please remember this:
There is not going to be a happy ending to this tragedy in Boston. 
Nobody is going to be the victor. 
There is nothing to celebrate. 
This is another senseless act of violence that will end with innocent blood and unanswered questions. 
Pray for the families of all the victims including the suspects. 
They too lost their sons. 
While you're praying,  America is in desperate need of prayer. 
Pray for America. 

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