The D.C. Magic Sessions Party was kinda....


Jan 19. 11:53pm

The Magic Sessions party(DJ's Erv Batista, Tee Alford, and Drew Hogans) invited me to 
their spot to perform. 
I arrived around 10:30pm and the very first thing I noticed is that the area is 
jumping! There's a party on every block. And they're all packed. People are in the 
streets walking in and out of shops. I'm seeing a nice mix of cultures and 
vibes. This is perfect. I found a parking space and sat there for a moment. I 
need to pray. Practice, and just chill.
When I got to the club, I see DJ Drew(Andrew Hogan) 
standing there at the entrance. 
He's smiling and that's a good sign. There's another guy there named Phil, who 
seemed to be security or something. Me and Phil walked over to the 7 Eleven 
across the street when I noticed the age differences in the people walking 
around. Wow!! Some college kids, some married couples, 50 something folks, just 
beautiful. I'm inspired. 

Jan 20th 12:10am
I walk in and go straight to the booth to greet Tee Alford  and Erv Batista. They were in good spirits. That's another good sign.
So, I'm chillin, trying to rest my voice and Abigail(Abbie) Adams walks in. 
Now lets park here for a sec. 
Abbie is someone who had a hand in our soulful scene. There's people like her in 
every city who have done so much for the advancement of soulful house music that 
go unnoticed and not thanked. Most people like Abbie do it for the love. I'm not 
one to pontificate on how things used to be back in the day. 
However, seeing her reminds me of true House music. 1985-90's. 
It was a time when the music was soooooo diverse.
"My life feels so empty, like a puzzle you're the missing piece. Inside, trying 
to make it without yooooooouuuuuuuu. Oohhhhh"
Remember those days. That song was like 105 bpm's. Really slow. Believe me, I'm 
into moving on and staying current. But I don't want to turn my back on what's 
good either. As much as I love house music, I'm inclined to broaden my audience 
and make music that not only appeals to house music folks, but the world.
It was good seeing Abigail, and her beautiful daughter(my niece) Chanelle. 
I wish you all could see the whole picture of Abbie and Chanelle as I see it. 
Abbie and I go back some 25 years or so. When Chanelle was born, we all loved 
her. She was like everyones niece. Abbie took this baby with her everywhere! And at that time Moving Records(Abbies record shop) was very busy, and Abbie stayed on the go. 
So here you have House Music at it's peak. All of the hottest acts coming to the store to 
do in-stores. Ten City, Xavier Gold, Colonel Abrams, Ce Ce Rogers, Adeva, and even more main stream artist of the day like Sylvester, and Mtume would pop in. 
And then suddenly, here comes this baby! LOL!!!!
And now here she is 20 years old and so beautiful. The sad thing is, there aren't 
enough young people that I'm excited about. This young lady has all of the 
winning ingredients. Smarts, personality, sociability, sense of humor, great 
manners and beauty. And a Brown University student!! Not to mention, she's 
humble. Wow!
Rudi Davis came all the way from Plainfield NJ to check me out. Talk about 
pressure. Rudi is another one of those people who go unnoticed and way under appreciated,helping to push our scene since the 80's and is still active and helping us in some way or 
form. Sometimes these people will spend money to help a night of partying out. 
And we(the club goer) have no idea what they did to make this night happen. 
Anyways...... After seeing them, I really want to do a good job tonight. 
I sat there and talked with them for a few, but I'd better sit down and rest my 


I'm sitting in the..... I suppose this is like the office. And the owner of this 
place is really happy and excited. She's dancing around. remembering some of the 
songs being played. I think she's an old school house music person. This place 
is a dance studio by day. And she expressed herself a couple of times and she 
can definitely move. There's a guy in here that's talking to her while I'm 
blogging. I think his name is Tim. But he knows that I'm the entertainment for 
the night. So he walks in here, sits down, and begins to share with the entire 
room how much he dislikes House music. "If I were president "House Music would 
be banned." Can you believe his manners? Maybe he's kidding, right?
Now when people come that rude, they 
don't deserve your attention. Of course he was talking to his friends in the 
room. But the room is maybe 10x7 or so. And he wasn't trying to hide or be discreet 
about his comments. "It reminds me of disco. I can't stand it."
Now these are just my thoughts. We're in the room with the owner. This space is 
rented by house music people. I'm an artist that sings house music. He's talking 
trash about house music in front of me to the owner. 
It's this kind of ignorance that will keep this man from any sort of growth. 
Sad. And brother Tim, if you're reading this, I didn't deserve your disrespect. 
And by no means did I write this to slam you publicly, but you were wrong and 

Anyway......... It's 1:04 and people are screaming and having a great time. 
I have to interrupt their fun and dancing with my performance. I hope they're 
into my music. We'll see. 


I've still not performed. I guess they're having too much fun. 


OK. I had a talk with our brother Tim. Turns out, he's a musician. Makes total 
sense. I get it. I actually like this man. He's very in tune with jazz music. 
The conversation was kinda spiritual. We talked about Coltrane, Sun Ra and a few others. Who knew? Maybe 
I misjudged him.  But he was still a little rude at first. I wouldn't be at a 
jazz function talking about how I would ban jazz if I were president. But we 
forgive you Tim. 


The vibe is really nice right now. I've been kinda hiding in this office. But I 
come out and see that Jackie Williams from NY is here. Wow!! That was sweet of 
her to come out. James Posey is walking around taking pictures, capturing the 
night with his camera. I'm going to see if he'll let me use his pictures for 
this blog. I'm seeing a little but of everybody. Alicia McCarthy with her 
beautiful spirit came through. Speaking of Alicia, did you all know that she, 1. 
Does belly dancing? And, 2. Bakes Cheese cakes? Just a random plug because she's 
a hustling sister doing her thing. And she's very supportive of our scene. 
Ummm.. Who else.... Oh yea my man Friday Flashback was in the building. Funny 
thing. I only know this guy from Facebook as Friday Flashback. No name. Just 
Friday Flashback. Gotta love house music.
Eric Walker showed me some Jersey love!! I saw one of my favorite lady DJ's 
Donna Jeffries who is so graceful and always so classy. Love her. 
Do you all know April Floyd? 
Well she's this tall and very pretty sister who 
looks like a model dancing. It's really something to watch her on the floor. And 
she's putting it down. She's so graceful with hers. I'm talking twirls, steps and 
spins, all while keeping it really lady like. Awesome. Speaking of dancing, Rita 
was there. And we know Rita gets her dance in if nobody is there. Love 
that. I met a brother who came up from NY. His name is David Shervington. 
It's his birthday!! Yay!!!! 
A sister asked me to do "From Now On". I told her that I didn't have the show 
track, and she began to sing the song to me. Word for word! That was something. 
My man Louis Pinkney and his lovely wife Glenda was there. They're still in 
love. That's always beautiful. Rhea Jones and Tee Alford's cousin Elna 
held the 
door down all night!! They didn't step out of place once. Impressive. And talk 
about friendly. They were the perfect door keepers. Not nasty. Very sweet and 
Brother Tim Eure, Brett Dancer, Denise Temple and bunch of DC family whose names
I don't know 
we're all so 
supportive and made for a lovely crowd. But this guy Tim Burch!!!! 
I'll just let the picture speak for his vibe.


So I get on stage and do my thing. 
The crowd was receptive. I can never tell if 
I'm doing ok or not. They seemed to be into it. I did two songs. I think I'll do 
more next time. Anyway. We had fun DC. 
Now it's me and the Highway. 4 hour drive.

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