Hong Kong is one placed that I'd never......

sleep on again. It was totally hip! But let me rewind....

Have you ever been so sick that you sat on a public toilet without cleaning it 
off? I know right now most of you reading this are thinking of how disgusting 
that is. But I travel often and I've gotten sick on airplanes more than a few 
times. If you should ever experience nausea on a plane you should focus on the 
fact that in 20-30 minutes you will begin to start feeling better. But the 
sickness creeps on you. You feel it worsening by the seconds. You're about to 
feel twenty times worse than hell. As a matter of fact, hell wouldn't be that 
bad compared to how you're about to feel. The best thing you can do is sit very 
still with sparkling water or Ginger ale. But if a bathroom is close, quickly go 
to it. But by all means, do not try to walk around or walk way down an aisle. 
You may pass out. 
We were about 12 hours in the air and I felt that familiar sickness raising 
inside of me. The sweats started happening. That initial panic that makes the 
heart start to race began. Man. This is it. I didn't have any water or anything. 
But the bathroom was right there and my shoes were off. Great...
I'm not wearing socks!! 
But I walk into this bathroom anyway and....... Well anyway, you see where I'm 
driving at. 
I'm not even going to bring up the crying baby one seat away from me. 
It's like I'm starting to expect seat drama when I go on these trips.
But I was cool after that. I had my IPod and listened to some really obscure 
joints. Leo Kottke, Ferran Savall, Michael Kiwanuka, just to name a few. This is 
nice. Yes the baby is crying but I have a nice pair of Denon DJ Headphones that 
will certainly tune that future opera singer out. 
I've only been to China once. And that was many moons ago before I started 
DJing. I went as a singer only.
You know how on some flights you see people get up to stretch? Most of the 
people on this plane are Chinese seniors. And I mean 70 and up. Not that 
American senior age(65 and up). No. I'm talking Mee Maw and Pop Pop! Some of you 
all know what I'm talking about. They were stretching in ways I've never seen. 
I'm 43 and if I tried to stretch like some of these people, I'd be in the ER for 
a herniated scrotum muscle. 
I almost felt shameful. These people were easily my grandparents age. Squatting 
down to the floor and back up. And fast. My knee was hurting as I was watching 
these people. And I can tell that this is a common behavior. This is normal for 
them because EVERYBODY was doing it. Straight up acrobatics on the plane. When 
we(normal out of shape people that drink beer and enjoy White Castle's) stretch, 
we'll reach up in the air like we're yawning, or maybe do that hands on the hip, 
Jack Lallane, swing thing with our feet separated, standing in place. Some 
people like to grab a foot while standing and pull it close to the butt. I get 
that. That's normal stretching. And maybe, if you really wanna show off, touch 
your toes or something, but what I'm seeing right now is just really amazing. 
And especially for people this age. I should have known something was up when I 
noticed that I was the only one eating the microwaved hamburger. COME ONNNNN 
RIGHT?!?!?!?! I'm saying, who doesn't eat that tasty little  30% real meat 
burger that comes in the plastic wrap that you nuke for 30 seconds? No, they ate 
the fruit, the bread and drank water! FRUIT, BREAD AND WATER!! On a plane?!?! 
Are you kidding me? I already know, even  before I step foot on the plane that 
I'm going to have a choice of Beef or Chicken and I'm Black. So right off, you 
know what I'm getting.
(FYI, if you said chicken you're a racist. Sure, you're absolutely dead on right 
but a racist still. LOL.) 
The fruit was like a side dish. 
And don't let me get started on the little brownie. NOBODY ATE THE LITTLE 
BROWNIE!!!! What planet are we on here? We've got another 14 hours to go and 
everybody is going to eat like this? Am I the only one looking at this guys 
little brownie sitting next to me, wondering if he's going to eat it or not?And 
he's trying to act like he's sleep. You see, now he's just being a jerk. He 
knows I want his little brownie. He knows I'm looking at it. And you know I'm 
already a big dude. LOL. Can you see me on a plane with a thousand Chinese 
seniors? And I was kinda hungry too???? Ya know? I must have looked like a 
grizzly bear to them. A grizzly bear!  I just untwisted my hair so it's a little 
puffier than usual. Full beard. I'm barely squeezing  my hips in this little 
section 8 seat, and I'm hungry, while they're eating grapes and melon? My lips 
are a little white and almost crusty. Just a touch of Vaseline would do the 
Well anyway, I'm headed to Hong Kong!!!! Yay!!!!!! 

9:00 PM

I see Hallex and his lady. She's very sweet like him. Hallex is a young cat in 
his twenties. Originally from Bordeaux France but decided to move to Hong Kong 
and he's doing quite well. Lovely kid that I trust. Usually you have to keep 
your eyes extra wide open in this business. They say trust no one. And that's 
true. It pays to be thorough when it comes to business, but this kid has real 
They take me to the Hotel where I check in and then we go get a bite to eat. The 
place is rocking. I think it's called Tivo. It's a dinner/lounge type place. The 
food was good and DJ Abel Rogers was playing some really good soulful house. 
Abel is Hallex's friend from Bordeaux. Hallex is loved and greeted with hugs 
from even the door man. It was nice. I felt proud of him. We ate and drank 
sparkling water. The food was awesome but I gotta sleep now. I checked in on 
Facebook and my man Smitty said that there's a park where the people wait for 
the sun to rise to do their Tai Chi. 
If you don't know what Tai Chi is, think if Yoga and Kung Fu had a baby. No 
disrespect intended. It was just the easiest way I could think if to describe 
how I see it. Hallex's lady says that you can see that at just about any park. 
Wow. At sunrise I'm either sleep or really sleep. I feel so not healthy now. 

Nov 17th 1:11am

I should go to sleep. But I'm inspired. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going 
to pray. If I were honest, I will admit that I've not prayed before going to 
sleep in a very long time. Remember when you were a kid and you said your 
prayers at bedtime? I'm going to ask God for his forgiveness for things that 
I've done that were displeasing to him, and then I'm going to pray for those of 
you that do the same thing that I do. Sing, write, produce, DJ, record label 
owners and such. I want God to do something for you to show you that he's there 
and only he can make it happen. 
You just read that last line way too fast. And because I know you did, I'll say 
it again. LOL. ONLY HE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. You can be Cisqo from Dru Hill with 
the biggest record of the year right now. "Thong Song." Thong song was massive 
all over. Couldn't get away from it. But today he's not charting anywhere. If 
you say Cisqo to someone, they might not even know how great of an artist he 
really is. 
My whole point is that God is able to sustain your career. And without being all 
deep and extra biblical and spiritual. God can step in right now. Right were you 
are at this very moment sober or drunk. High or clean. He can steer your career. 
But you must openly ask him. You can't do this alone. You may ask "Well what 
about people like Lady GaGa, and Marilyn Manson and Lil Wayne? Is God blessing 
their careers?" The truth is, I don't know and it's none of my business. But 
what I do know is that I've tried God out and he opens doors for me. I'm just 
sharing. I'm not where I want to be. But I'm a lifetime away from where I used 
to be. Only God. 

Nov 18th 8:57am

Last night was soooooo much fun. First off, I'm in Hong Kong. That is amazing 
all by itself. The venue is called Armani. Yes the fashion company. And check 
this out, the spot is in the mall! I know right!!
The mall was kinda upscale. All of the fancy brand names. Nothing low scale. I 
get to the place at around 10:30pm and its beautiful. Red lights everywhere. 
Very sexy. But no people. At first I was nervous. The club opened at 7:30pm. So 
where is everybody? But as we kept walking I see that the people were all 
outside on the terrace/rooftop. Can this get any sexier?? Here's the thing. The 
people preferred to be outside. But the sound was way better inside. Different 
strokes for different folks I guess. New Yorkers like the sound over anything 
else.. But hey, that's a far away place. LOL. 
 I saw Marina, an old friend that I've not seen in almost 7-8 years. She was the 
one who brought me here the first time. DJ Helen Ting had a gig and came over to 
hang with us, IN THE MIDDLE OF HER GIG!! She had to go back. 
DJ Rork and his lady was there. 
I met some real good people this night. Kwong is a 48 year old man I met for the 
first time. He's a true lover of the music. He brought old vinyl records that 
I've done so I could sign them. Very interesting brother. He kept the Tequila 
shots coming! DJ Abel Rogers was there with a fancy camera. He also kept the 
Tequila shots coming. Check this out, you know how Dunkin Donuts will give you 
the little tray so you can put 4 drinks in the tray without spilling them? Well 
they had this little glass shot tray. Shots were coming out like by the 6's. And 
I've never had Tequila with an orange slice before. I've always had it with 
either lemon or lime. Orange slices are sweeter and made the experience 
 I sang a few songs on the dance floor. There was no stage but I didn't miss it. 
It was a very intimate setting. The keyboard was distorting, but hey..... Nobody 
cared. It's a party! We're rocking and the night is perfect. After I sang, 
Hallex played some amazing music. Classics, soulful house, and he even played a 
live version of ...... either Diana Ross or Sylvester(too many shots of Tequila 
to remember.)
Amazing set. We were dancing and singing and screaming. Yes. I danced. 
Random thought: I have a special respect and love for DJ's that dance. My 
favorite DJ and brother Joaquin can really dance but its a rarity to see him 
dance on the floor. DJ Pookey is one brother that is surely a dancer. A few 
others like Tommy Bones, Datgurl Curly come to mind. But for the most part, it 
seems like the unspoken statement is that it's uncool or maybe corny to dance. 
Maybe I'm wording it wrong but to me it's better to express yourself on the 
dance floor and experience the music from that angle as well as being the 
orchestrator/DJ. It gives the DJ a heightened edge to the feeling of songs on 
the floor. But hey.... What do I know. LOL.
After we drank and danced and drank some more, it was time to shut it down. And 
so we decided to get some authentic Chinese food. This is one of my favorite 
things in the world to do. Eat foods from different cultures and in their 
We get there and order almost immediately. We had Chinese styled fried turnips, 
dim sum, meatballs, tofu skin, pork buns and all sorts of other things that I 
can't remember. But the Pork Buns(yes I eat pork. Don't judge me) and the fried 
turnip patty things stood out. 
There's a bond that's created when you sit at a table and eat with people. 
Courtney(Hallex's girlfriend) pointed out something very interesting. Everyone 
at the table had different backgrounds. Hallex was the only French man there, 
Kwong is a China man, Courtney is from Toronto and she looked like she could be 
a cross between Indian and Filipino. I'm not sure where her people are from. Tim 
Tse I believe is Chinese. He's a very deep brother. He does some form of body 
treatment/healing service. Deep right? And I am the only nappy headed brother 
there from Brooklyn. It was awesome. I loved loved loved that moment. 
Here's an interesting question. When's the last time you had someone over your 
place for dinner who's of a different ethnicity than you? How global is your 
circle? Kinda interesting. And what does that say about us? Does our answer 
define who we are socially or internally? Just wondering. 
Anyway... I'm headed home now. Hong Kong was awesome. But I love going home. I 
miss my bed and coffee machine. 


I thought I was ending the blog with that last sentence. But let me tell you 
what just happened. I'm going through customs right, and the officer asked "Where are 
you coming from" and then asked "what do you do? So when I responded "I DJ" she 
looked at me and said "DJ???? They like....(pause) ... American music?" but I 
think she was thinking black music. So I said "The music is Global" and she 
responded "Just kidding"
I don't get it. She's a racist fool. Racism is everywhere, but it seems so healthy here in the states.
Go check my top 10 joints for November. and trust me, these are songs that I really like. Not just songs that a label asked me to post, or that I'm posting because I did them.

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