Atlanta with Salah Ananse.

One thing I didn't like about this trip was.......
arriving so late and leaving so early. But I'm here and I need to make the best
of it. But let me rewind...
Nov 23rd 3:37pm
I almost never get those random upgrades, and for some reason they upgraded me 
to first class!!! I'm grateful, believe me. However, first class on a two hour 
flight is synonymous with a limo ride around the corner and back. But hey. I'm 
not complaining. Anyway, Atlanta!!! Yay!!!!!!!!
I've been to Atlanta only once before and I fell completely in love with it. 
Brooklyn is my heartland here in the states, but ATL is an extremely close 
runner up. Chicago and Detroit have warm spots in my heart, but if we're talking 
about a place to live or even retire here in the states, Brooklyn or Atlanta 
does it for me. 


We're still sitting on the plane. People are boarding. The attendant just asked 
me "Sir. Would you like something to drink?" Now, granted, it's only a free 
soda. But I know what it's like sitting on a plane and waiting to take off 
before getting that free sod... wait a sec.... THE ALCOHOL IS FREE?????  
Lawd I dun backslid in my heart! This ain't nothing but the devil. I just promised 
myself to go without any alcohol till the New Year. And now y'all wanna hand out 
free drinks?!?!? What kinda cruel joke is this? That's all right. I will enjoy 
my Coke. I usually get a diet Coke, but I feel like living on the edge this 
week. So I'm drinking a regular Coke. Ahh.. It's the simple things ya know?


Upon arrival. We decide to grab a bite and I just thought that this is worth 
mentioning because I absolutely love a good meal. And this place Michon's is 
easily my new favorite ATL spot. They specialize in Smoked meat. I had the wings 
and brisket combo with a side of fried okra and mac & cheese. The wings didn't 
need a drop of sauce on them. And the boneless brisket was so tender that the 
meat seemed to fall off the meat. LOL.
They had a Red Velvet cheesecake on the menu that sounded amazing. I wanted the 
Peach cobbler but they ran out. 

This place is a must for those of you visiting 

Nov 24th 9:51pm

We're at the spot. Salah is setting things up. And as soon as the music comes on 
it's loud and clear. I feel it deep in my chest. Usually when a sound system is 
too loud it hurts my eardrums. But this was something altogether different. I 
can hear every little nuance in the track he was playing. Now I'm really getting 
excited. I'm thinking of my new stuff that I'm going to play on this system. 
Karl(the owner) comes out and offers me dinner. The place doubles as a 
restaurant right next door. This is starting to feel kinda exciting. Teya and 
Sala the two ladies working the door came in, and they were looking attractive 
and beautiful. That's the thing about Atlanta that kills me. In New York, people 
come out to really sweat and work hard on the dance floor. Some folks bring a change 
of clothes. It's as though they're going to the gym. And just like New Yorkers, 
the folks in Atlanta come to dance hard as well, but they're still going to look 
like they're going to the Soul Train Music Awards. I mean these sisters were 
dancing with heels on. The brothers had their swag on. I may have been the only 
cat with jeans and a tee shirt on. The brothers were wearing Bordello 
caps(google it). I saw a brother rocking a nice Ralph Lauren sweater. I'm wearing a Tee shirt,but I'm the DJ!!!!!!! 
Don't I get a pass? I'm sweating all hard. LOL. 
Sisters were coming Afro chic. I saw Afros, braids, locks, short hair cuts, and funky 
natural hair styles. Hardly any perms in this place. Not that I have something 
against perms ladies.. 
I'm loving this. I feel at home. Kinda feels like Brooklyn. 
Parenthetically speaking, that's a very very important point. A lot of parties 
fail at this very thing. When the person at the door is attractive with a pleasant 
attitude, customers feel better about supporting. It's just nicer to give your 
money to someone that looks and acts nice. And also, like they appreciate it. 
At this point I'm getting anxious. 
I'm hoping to see my ATL folks, Kai Alce, Karin Smoot, Roland Clark, Ramon 
Rawsoul, Simone and nem. 
I think it's going to be a good night. 


Not a full crowd. But they're coming in. Salah is rocking a really nice set. 
Some vocals some afro-house joints. Nice. I'm enjoying this place. There's folks 
on the floor. 

Kai Alce just walked in. And for some reason, just seeing that brother takes 
this whole party up a notch. He's true blue. Just a good dude through and 
through. His lovely wife is here somewhere.
Karin Smoot is here with her beautiful vibe. She had a baby less than a year ago 
and she looks so good. Cut off her locks!!!!!! 
It's maybe one 3rd of the way packed in here now and people are still coming in. 
Deborah Conton is like everyones little sister. At least mine.
Seems like everybody from all over loves this woman. She helped promote this party.
She walked in with her positive energy, and that always helps any moment.
Melba Searcy came in. And although she's the one who did the design for the flyers for me
I've never met her face to face. Her vibe was so cool, it almost made me have a drink.
Anytime a sister can walk to the bar and purchase her own beer or at least what looked like abeer, throw it back(drink it)
from the bottle, and still be a lady, must be family! Made me want one I tell ya.

This is good. 

Around 12:15 I got on and I'm feeling amazing. 
Salah played a good set. He 
seemed to purposely play music to warm the crowd up. I feel like He just passed 
me the ball to make the winning shot. The pressure... 
Also, there's a few singers in the building. Robin Lattimore(she sang that 
Gladys Knight "First To Say Goodbye" song)
Chris McCray who's probably one of 
ATL's best kept secrets
Anthony David was in the building. Now I'll be honest.. 
Anthony David?? Neo Soul Anthony David, who wrote for India Arie, was in there 
getting it in while I'm playing? Wow. I actually bought his first cd.

This is a great night. Overall I'd say the night was successful. Salah and Nina 
are gems. They're the funkiest couple ever.
They handled all of the everything's on this gig. I felt safe in their 
hands. All I did was lend a hand to Nina when she was hanging my banner up. And 
then I played. 
After I played my last joint around 3:10. The crowd asked for more. That was the 
best feeling ever. But I know from experience that when it's time to shut down, 
my job is to shut down. The sound man asked us to shut down. The agreement was 
to shut down at 3am. But Salah played Sun Goddess by Earth Wind & Fire. It was 
beautiful. It was the perfect song. Of course this is the part that stinks. 
Closing down around 3:30am and catching a plane at 5:30am. The things we do for 
the love of music. John Crooms was there with his second wife(the camera). He might post some flicks later. I'll see if I can get him to share with you guys.
Thanks for reading. See you at the next one.

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