Honestly.. I think Detroit is kind of...

Underrated in terms of house scenes. But let me start from the beginning.
I'm at the airport headed to The D! And I'm finally on the plane.
Why do I seem to get airplane seats filled with drama? I'm sitting next to a 
bratty whiny kid. Is this ok? Am I the only one annoyed? 
The parent has no clue on how to shut this kid up! Amazing! I know that beating 
isn't always the answer. However, I can tell that this kid has never felt that, 
oh so familiar, sting of a leather belt, extension cord, hanger, or hand of a 
mother. Y'all hear me. Most of you reading this know exactly what I'm talking 
It's not that I'd enjoy beating a child. But some ground rules are set before a 
child gets too old to set such rules. When I was a kid my mother would say, "Now 
when we get inside this place, y'all better act right!" And that was all we 
needed to hear. My brother and I knew exactly what that meant. Laurie(my sister) 
never really did anything crazy. But me and my brother Jay liked to play as boys 
do. If we were ever on a plane we knew to be cool because my mother had no 
problem handling that problem right then and there. Now some of you may say that 
beating teaches the child violence. I don't think that my tendency to knock a 
persons teeth out has anything to do with my mother scolding or disciplining me 
as a child. I feel that a pop on the hand or butt will teach the child that 
their actions are displeasing, and will cost them. Learning violence is 
inevitable. Anyway......
 I'm headed to Detroit to rock with Rick Godson Wilhite, Bruce Bailey and a few 
others. I love going to Detroit cause I'm sure to see Tasha, Diviniti, Piranha, 
Minx, Michelle, Moka, Rick, Eric an nem. It's always family no matter what. If I 
suck that day, they'll say, "Bruh you sucked but man it sure was good to see 
Rick Wilhite asked me to sing a jam on top of DJing. So I thought, why not. It's 
Detroit. These people are my people. So I'm looking forward to a fun musical 
Nobody knows this, but I don't mind sharing this with you all. Just don't go 
around sharing my business with everybody. 
On Wednesday night I went to the emergency room.
I know right??
I was in the studio finishing up some music for the Christmas project, and I 
felt dizzy. Then I felt really really dizzy. To the point that I got really 
scared. I thought if I laid down and shut my eyes this feeling would pass. But 
it got worse. This is bad and I knew it. Gloria said "You wanna go to the 
Poor thing. I knew she was out all day at work, and she went to her African 
dance class that night, so there was no way that she felt like driving me to 
anyone's hospital. But nonetheless, my dizziness worsened and I felt like I 
wanted to throw up. 
Well, we get to the hospital and found out that I had Vertigo. The Dr. made it 
sound like a common thing and there was nothing to be alarmed about. However, 
the nurse said that my high blood pressure(165 over something) is a silent 
killer. That's something I'd want to get under control. 
Anyway, they drug me up. 
The nurse's name is Candy. I found that out just in case I had to sue them 
later. LOL. Candy put a needle in my vein and gave me Valium through a tube. 
Man. I was hiiiiiiiiigh. I mean high like Samuel Jackson in...... Hmmm. You know 
that movie he played "Gator" in? The Spike Lee film. Jungle Fever! I was high. 
So now that I'm high, I thought maybe I should take a quick video of all of 
this. I don't know why. But you never know. Malpractice happens. 
At this point Gloria is cracking up. Just having herself a good ole time. She 
thought my video taping during this moment was very funny. 
Whatever. If something goes down and I sue for 11 million, I'm going to show her 
the video as to why she only got $20 for the gas money it took to drive me. OK. 
$30 but that's it. 

This must be breast cancer awareness month. Forgive me folks. I didn't have a 
clue on these kinds of things. The flight attendants are all wearing jeans, 
sneakers, and these pink tee shirts that say Delta and something else about 
Breast cancer. Ummm... Not that I'm looking for something to gripe about, but 
it's bad enough that these ticket prices are way too high, the seats are 
cramped, I have to spend $10 for a water and small bag of trail mix, and to add 
insult to injury, y'all didn't see it necessary to wear the uniform? The pilot 
is wearing a pink tie. I can dig that. The flight attendants could have worn 
pink scarfs. But to serve me with your old jeans on and dirty sneakers? One of 
the flight attendants shirt was too small and it flipped up in the back. Her 
jeans were those lo rise jeans. I think that's what they're called. So yea. Now 
I get to see her faded panty color with my soda and pretzels. Nice. 
Lint balls on the elastic!
Now should I say to the lady "Ma'am your backside is exposed" and look like some 
perv, or just leave it?
Lets be clear, I'm a man, and I can appreciate the beauty, and sexiness of a 
woman. But this right here feels like..... just, not sexy. And why do flight 
attendants wear soooooo much make up? This sister's make up is clowny and her 
weave. Lawd, her weave. You see this is what that great philosopher Sinbad was 
trying to tell us. "When you get in the weave chair, don't go crazy! You can't 
be bald on Monday and have hair down to your butt on Tuesday. At least try to 
fool the people!!"
I think weaves are awesome. However when choosing a weave or a wig, I think one 
should be cognizant of ones appearance. For example, black women should not wear 
weaves that look like the hair is from a Chinese woman. WE CAN TELL!!!!
Your hair ain't shiny and vinyl looking like that!! STOP IT!!
It's just not OK. You know how it is when you see a brother wearing that spray 
paint stuff on his beard and you know it's that stuff? Why is he acting like 
that's ok?
Anyway Detroit!!! Yay!!!!!


Just landed. I'm looking forward to climbing in bed. 
Quentin Harris is playing 
tonight. Rick is down to take me. I may check him out. But am I wrong for 
staying in if I should so choose? I love Quentin, he knows that. We'll see. 

Oct 28th 12:25pm

So last night was really fun fun fun. But I didn't see some folks that I wanted 
to see. I'm not sure what happened. Some folks may not have known. But we had a 
ball. Folks came in costumes. Diviniti was dressed as a Sex Kitten! There was a 
couple who were dressed as the characters in the movie Dead Presidents. 
was there. 
One sister looked amazing in her Silver Super Soul Sister outfit with 
Afro and all. 
The female Robin Hood came out. 
Two Native Americans in full dress 
were there. 
There were a few witches walking around. A swat team lady, and ,get 
ready, Cinderella! A cheetah and a ladybug came together. 
The Baseball girl was there. And she was so sweet. She danced right in front of the booth and her energy was perfect for any performer or DJ!!!
Some folks were rocking their Sunday's best. 
One brother was wearing his mack 
daddy hat! And PINKY RING!!! WHAT!!!!!!
And some of us started drinking. 
No. Not drinking, but drankin. 
It's a party!
There's a photographer here named Marius Bingue who comes to most of the house 
music jams. He captures the events on camera. I'm going to see if he would allow 
me to share his photos on this blog. 
Anyway, people were participating in the fun. 

I should have wore a mask. I felt 
the love sure nuff. I did a couple of jams and played a few records. I thought 
my set was cool. I asked Rick for a beer and he brought me the biggest glass 
I've ever drank from. 
It had to be at least 48 ounces. Man. It was fun.  
One thing that really stuck out for me was that these brothers were into playing 
vinyl records! Almost 80% of Ricks set was vinyl. RayBone was rocking vinyl and 
I know Minx, who wasn't there, plays vinyl often. There were a couple of Label 
reps at the party that gave me vinyl.
Very interesting.
When my set was done, I decided to go to the tent outside. They had an 
"optional" dance area in the tent. And when I opened that door it was like a 
surge of fireball like energy hit me in the face. DJ's Bruce Bailey and Phil Tha 
Mix were KILLING it! I mean the energy was BANGIN. Everybody in that room was 
dancing. This was House! It reminded me of basement parties back in the day. I 
looked at Phil and Bruce and they were so deep in the spirit of the music that 
I'm not sure if either one of them looked up. And they were both wearing 
costumes! OK NOW WE'RE PARTYING! Wow wow wow!
Not to mention that some of Detroit's finest music people were in the building. 
Keith Worthy, Malik Alston, PiranhaHead, Diviniti, Jessica Care Moore, Carolyn "Diamond Dancer" Ferrari, and a few 
But this morning I wake up and I get a call from Delta airlines stating that my 
flight has been cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy. I feel uncomfortable with 
Gloria at home without me. And Hurricane Sandy is a dude that likes black women. 
Santino is his real name. LOL. But seriously it's a feeling of helplessness that 
no man would like. I'm going to see if I can rent a car and drive back. I'll 
keep you posted. 

12:49 pm

$258?? Hertz is asking for $258 for a rental of one of their compact cars! I'm 
thinking I could buy one for $258 couldn't I?
Oh boy. Let me see what other options I have. 


I'm here at the airport feeling... Eh.. I mean I'm grateful that God has given 
me income. I'm doing what I love, and I make money at it. I've met some 
beautiful people in cities all over the world. BUT IM STUCK AT THE AIRPORT!! 
My new scheduled flight was for 3:30 and now they're saying 6:15pm. But the 
weather will worsen. We'll see. 
Random thought: How does Time magazine stay in business? Who reads it? When is 
the last time you bought a Time magazine? But interestingly enough, I notice 
that its often referred to, and quoted. Haven't you seen advertisements that say 
"Quoted in Time magazine as STUNNING" or "Time magazine says".... If you're on 
the cover of Time magazine you're considered either famous or infamous. Why is 
this mag so important and how does it survive? I just so happen to be sitting 
next to one here at the airport. LOL. 


This kind stranger approaches me and asked was I waiting to go to Newark. And 
then he said there is a flight change. They're boarding at 4:30 at a different 
gate. Now at this point I'm glad to be able to go home. But how was I going to 
know? No announcement was made. He happened to have a fancy app on his phone 
that informed him. Now I feel terrible because just a second ago I was laughing 
to myself at how uncomfortable it must be to have a smashed in looking chin and 
long nose like his. Ya just never know who you may need to help you. 


You can imagine the pandemonium going on here. I get to the gate and there is a 
line. So naturally I get in line to get my seat assignment. 
What goes on in the minds of people that see this long line and walk straight to 
the front to ask a question? Is it because they feel that those of us in line 
are less important? Or maybe because they only want to ask a question they feel 
its ok to rudely skip everyone that has been waiting. 
Well, when I got to the front of the line, this woman, who looked like somebody 
straight off of the set of Basketball wives, walks right up to the attendant, 
skipping in front of me in the process. She carried this whole entitled 
I felt myself about to say something. But the attendant said it for me. "Ma'am. 
There are people waiting in line and I can't stop and attend to you." 
Perfect. Now I won't have to go to prison. 


I'm finally on the plane. Exit row seat. That's nice. I had fun talking to you 
guys. We'll talk again soon. I'm going to ask for two little bags of pretzels. 
Just because I feel like they owe me something for having gone through all of 
this drama.

All party photos courtesy of Marius Bingue. Check him on Facebook.

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