It's 1:44am, and the plumber just walked out of my home with such a happy smile on his face. The look on his face made me feel like I just got ripped off. Yes it's after midnight. And the job was messy but I'm thinking "must he wear that smirk?"
I wanted to knock his teeth out. But what can I do? The bill was higher than I thought it was going to be. He could see that I was hurting. My basement, to me, is a lot of things. It's a sacrifice Gloria and I made for my career. It's the future home of Honeycomb music. It's my lab. It's my future man cave. And to see it flooded with up to 3 inches of water just hurts really bad. I have a vintage keyboard that is rare, under water. Some studio equipment soaking wet. 

Well my initial reaction was heart break. My friends, and plenty of people have expressed their concerns about building in the basement after the first flood. But I felt led and still feel led by God to do it. The sump pump was faulty. May have been the way it was installed, I don't know. And I didn't purchase an emergency backup system with the alarm letting you know the water is raising above normal level. But the purpose of this blog is because I want to tell somebody that when your situation looks dark, or when EVERYBODY is saying "I don't think you should do it", even when you doubt yourself, or when your mission doesn't look like it's going to be completed, TRUST GOD. There are some of you that are really deep. And know a whole lot about religion and spiritual things. I'm not deep at all. I don't know a lot. I don't study the bible like I should. But I will say this. In my darkest hour, God is not only good, but he's faithful and merciful. Can you imagine if I didn't have the money for an emergency plumber? The water would have been 3 feet high instead of 3 inches. So you see, God is there. 
Go with your dream or your endeavor. Whatever age you are or whatever capability you don't think you have, GO FOR IT, but keep God in the equation. That's everything! Say simple prayers and mean them from your heart.
It's now 2:10am and I'm feeling a peace in my heart.. My heart is overwhelmed with a calm that's almost bringing me to tears. The tears that feels like liquid gold rolling down my face. Only God can bless you like this people. This is true victory!

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