The Dance Ritual Boat Ride last night was....

Dance Ritual Boat Ride

I've been on at least 10 Circle Line boat rides, including the ones I gave. And 
for some reason I can't wait to do it again. Going around the Hudson River in 
NYC for 4 hours is fun by itself without music. Just seeing NYC like that is 
definitely special. The breeze feels nice. The skyline, the Statue Of Liberty, 
going under The Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Manhattan bridges are breathtaking 
experience by themselves. And then to see the beautiful condos way up the river 
by Long Island(which I never knew touched the Hudson River), was at the very 
least inspiring. Now add some drinks, cigars and  good food to the mix.... You 
feeling it yet? 
Now add 500 culturally diverse people who come to party and not look at you to 
see what you have on. Rather, they came to get down, way down, down ugly to the 
dance floor, without any concern of your opinion. Asians, Blacks, Latinos, 
Whites, Indians, and Martians all here for one reason. To have an incredible 
Now add Louie Vega to the mix. One of house musics pioneers, legends, who knows 
exactly what to play for a hungry crowd. I'm talking about a DJ with a endless 
repertoire. I heard some old break beat, 80's and 90's house, some classics, 
some new joints that I've not heard, some electronic, and even some jazz that 
all had the common thread of soul music. 
And I don't care what religion you embrace, there is a positive spiritual 
element present when dancing, and listening to happy music with family and 
friends. Especially if the music is lyrically encouraging. 
There were brothers there on the boat with bongos and percussion instruments. 
We're talking about some serious percussionist right now. They were playing with 
Louie. They had so many complex rhythms happening that I was getting hypnotized 
trying to keep up with them in my mind. This Japanese woman was so caught up, 
she was dancing in circles all night with her eyes closed. ALL NIGHT! 
One brother brought his Saxophone on board. And he played all night long. He was 
The spirit of love was really present. Kat Ayala, who has had some major knee 
surgery, was there in all her splendor. She danced the way I'm accustomed to 
seeing her dance. Did she have her tambourine? Hmmm. I don't recall seeing it. 
But she along with her tambourine has been around supporting our scene longer 
than I remember. I came around in 84, so she's must have been around in 80-82.
So she's somebody to recognize. Not to mention she's a spiritual woman. When she 
dances one can see the love of the music. I hope someone took pictures. 
Robbi the promoter was there looking like he lost his wallet. LOL! 
It's the first time I seen him without his lady Adriana in a while. They're like 
twins. That's another person in our scene that goes unsung or under appreciated. 
Robbi was truly one of the first if not the first cat in NYC to take party 
promotion to the next level with utilizing social networks to promote. It's very 
common nowadays. But now promoters rely on social networks exclusively. Robbi 
has a team of people who hit parties and literally pass flyers out. Parties like 
this boat ride couldn't be as successful without guys like Robbi. 
It's these kinds of people in our scene that I love seeing. They're real and 
they have a story. They help shape our scene. A party would be kind of corny 
without them. Sure, I come to dance and hear some good music, but I wanna see 
the players of the scene too. 
People like Anika Anumudu, who was wearing leopard print platform shoes with a 
HOT PINK pedicure, and Big Hair with dark shades. She never sits down. If she's 
present when I play, I can bet my life that she will dance during my entire set. 
She's just really supportive that way. 
Poor Doris and Vanessa had to work selling merchandise for Louie. They're 
dancing people. Doris had a little space in which she was working. She said 
that's where she's going to dance tonight. 
Speaking of merchandise, Louie's stuff was really something. Bottles openers, 
blinged out Tee's with Schwarovski(did I spell that right?) crystals on them,
necklaces, cd's, and everything. It was nice. 
Quinsessa was there. LOL. Hey Quinnie!! 
It was her birthday and she bought a birthday cake and passed it out to everyone!!! 
You see what I mean? Just a natural loving flow throughout the night.
It's not that I'm just naming people, but everyone that I'm mentioning are 
people who are influential to our scene. 
My youngest sister Mayra and her husband Dwayne are true supporters. They come 
from Long Island to party tonight. 
Then there were some DJ/Producers present, Master Kev, Frankie Estevez, DJ TWyze, 
and Lou Gorbea was there dancing and supporting.
Stephen "Lucky" Benson was on deck with his camera taking some really amazing pics. 
I tasted Circle Lines food for the first time tonight, and it was.. ok. It 
wasn't horrible. But I wish they would allow the party giver to bring their own 
caterer like they used to. 
Anyway. I felt special tonight. A lot of people showed me their love. Some 
people recognized me from the Weequahic park event and encouraged me. That's 
always nice. 
Close to the end I saw a woman throwing up in the garbage can. Now, I don't know 
how you feel about it, but I'm thinking she had a great night. People seemed so 
unaffected by it. They walked pass the girl as if it was a common occurrence. 
My night here was interesting. Gloria, who is not the club going, "househead" 
type, had a really good time. That's how you really know you're party is 
When non "heads" enjoy themselves. 
Random thought: What's the mortgage like in those fancy condos in NYC, Brooklyn, 
or Long Island? I'm seriously considering purchasing in Brooklyn. I love Atlanta 
also. But Brooklyn makes more sense to me. 
Anyway.... Good job Dance Ritual. I had fun.

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