My Birthday Party was kinda..


It's now the morning after and all I can say is THANKS to God for so many 
things. The older I get, the wiser I feel. One is able to see through things and 
situations with a discerning eye as they get older. There were sooooooo many 
things that happened that were borderline discouraging. People are people and 
who am I to be angered by anyone's limitations...... Anyway, the party was 
Where should I begin??
This is my first time doing a party with Louie as a partner. And you have to 
understand that Louie has a team of about 7 people working for him and are 
accustomed to order and they have a system. I felt so unorganized compared to 
them. Even my ticket money was looking all wrinkled compared to their crispy 
When it came time to hand money in, I was handing in dollar bills and fives. I 
almost gave Zuleica a roll of quarters but I thought that would have been just 
too tacky. So I went to the bank and changed it for a $10 bill. I've learned a 
lot just seeing how they do. I'm doing this thing all wrong. I need a team. A 
mature team that doesn't want to DJ or produce, or do music. 
I've DJ'ed plenty of times in many places but there is something about playing 
at home that makes me nervous. Not to mention playing with Louie Vega. Yes we're 
close friends but the friendship and the music are separate. Musically, I have 
respect for his YEARS of DJ'ing experience. He brought his own booth to the 
boat. Talk about pressure! It felt as though I was driving his Bentley, trying 
not to wreck it. 
Let me share something personal with you all. 
I'm a sensitive man. My feelings and emotions are easily affected. I have a very 
small circle of close friends. Maybe 3. LOL. And when I saw that most of them 
were on that boat, I almost got emotional. The friends I have I truly don't 
deserve. They don't care anything about this music business or anything like 
that. They care about me and my well being. What makes my eyes well up with 
appreciative tears is that I know that life would be almost impossible without 
people to share it with. People that will celebrate you and love you for being 
you and not for the remixes or productions you may be able to do for them. 
People you can be transparent with. And people that will check you when you need 
checking. God has given me some good friends. And parenthetically, you can 
really appreciate your good friends after you've experienced some bad ones. 
At 43, I have a life that I wouldn't trade with Bill Gates... Well.. Ummm.. OK. 
No, we'll stick with Bill. 
I kicked the night off with a few down tempo joints. Some classics. EW&F sang 
through the speakers, and sounded so good. The New York anthem Love Is The 
Message will always be one for NYC. Louies Booth has all of the DJ's bells and 
whistles. It's very difficult to mess up on this kind of set up. But if anybody 
is going to mess up, it's going to be me. And sure nuff it happened. 
I was bringing a record in and the volume on the cd was too low. So it sounded 
as if I shut the music off. I played some new Honey Sweet music. And then I 
played some music I'm doing for MixTape Sessions called Urban Electronic 
Project. The people dug it. That was cool. Chicago, Baltimore, DC, Virginia, 
Detroit, Philadelphia, and London was I'm the house!!!!! 
Louie got on around 9:30 and that's when things got crazy! The drinks started to 
pour, Louie was killing his set. He played a flawless set. I parlayed with the 
guest, drinking and partying on the Hudson river. NYC is just perfect for this 
kind of party. Louies dad was on the boat. That was nice. 
Right before we docked Doris brought a birthday cake out and Dawn Tallman sang 
Happy Birthday to us. It was the sweetest thing. 
Everyone that was supposed to be there was there. 
And I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. 
Thanks everyone.

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