I GOT ARRESTED!!  On yesterday, April 4th at around 2:45pm I was pulled over by a state  trooper.... Now before I say another word, I need you to know that I am very serious about  what I'm saying in this blog.   I was driving home from meeting my brother in-law about treating my walls in my  studio. When I saw a state trooper I slowed down, like everyone does when they  see a cop. The guy that was tailing me slowed down also. Jerk! Well, I get about  a half of mile up when I see the trooper peer out after me. At first he was just  tailing me. I think this is when they trace your plates. I'm thinking, "I know I  have tickets, I wonder what else do I have out there." So instead of pulling me over, he pulls up along side of me and very politely,  he motions to tell me to put my seat belt on. I'm feeling like, "WOW!!! A nice  cop!!!!!" So I wave to thank him and get over to the middle lane. I'm thinking that I'm  going straight home now for sure. And that's when it happened.. The siren came on and the lights flashed. At first, it seemed he was going to  let me go. But something bad must have shown up on his screen. So I get pulled  over. Now I'm a little nervous because I'm thinking about Trayvon Martin, and  all of the other injustices done to black men. Although, I didn't feel that I  was pulled over because of my being black. So he's in the car behind me. Im in  my car and Louie Vega called me. I didn't want to say to him that I'm being  pulled over. So I let him talk. But yo.... I can't even think straight right  now!!!!!! Anyway... He comes to the car and he asked the usual question. He  takes my info. He explains that he must impound my car because my registration  had expired. I know, shame on me. I asked was I being arrested. He said "Oh no,  don't worry. Just sit tight." Jokingly I said "Will there be 5 more state  troopers pulling up on a minute?"  So I call Gloria and told her what happened. She'd probably would have to come  to the mall which was about mile away from where I was, and pick me up when she  got off from work. We talked for a sec and hung up.  And suddenly things took a turn. I look in my rear view mirror and I could see 2  more state troopers peering up the highway towards me. I knew something had just  gone terribly wrong. I go to call Gloria again. The phone was ringing but before  she picked up, the trooper said in his most state trooper authoritative voice,  "Please step out of the car." So I hang up. I grab my wallet, and my iPod. His tone of voice is harsh now. We  were just laughing a moment ago. But now that other troopers are present, I  suppose he has to be professional. He says, "Place your hands behind your back." Now here I am on the highway, cars are passing by looking at me get arrested. It  was very embarrassing. I'm cuffed and being led to the police car. The arresting  officer asked that I get in the back seat. Now I'm 6'3 tall. I weigh 286 pounds.  I was already sweaty. The space in which I had to sit was impossible for me to  sit comfortably. Not to mention that my hands were cuffed behind my back! The  officer instructed me to lay across the seat on my back. So once I was in the  car, the 2nd officer shut the door. Now the back seat was even tighter than any  taxicab that I've ever been in. The space was fit for a child. I'm not only a  man but I'm a big man. This already felt like torture. And we sat there for at  least 10 minutes which seemed like an hour. I can't even begin to articulate the  level of discomfort I was feeling. Almost immediately I began to feel an anxiety  attack. If only he would just open the door while we were sitting. I tried to  get the officers attention but he ignored me. A moment later he opened the door  and I asked him if he wouldn't mind leaving the door open. He replied "Well  you're not going to be driving with the door open." So unnecessarily sarcastic.  So uncalled for. It was like he wanted me to say something so I could get into  deeper trouble. But strangely enough, he left the door open. After my car was  searched through, I was driven to  the station. Turns out I have 3 warrants for  my arrest. That's what happens when you get a moving violation ticket and  forget, or neglect to pay it. It becomes a warrant. The arresting officer was a  nice guy. He was doing his job. It almost looked as though he was a little sorry  that he had to take me in. Especially when he dropped me off. His only job was  making the arrest. After that, he turned me over to the wolves. Once I got to  station, I had to stand and face the wall in front of civilians who were looking  on. I suppose they had no idea what the crime was. So in their minds I must have  been a robber or mugger. Did I mention that I had a bad hair day? My beard  wasn't groomed. I wasn't smiling. If I had said "BOO" the people would have took  off running. The truth is, I'm not made for this kind of treatment. And I could  feel my heart breaking. When the cuffs came off and I got to my cell, I almost  cried out loud. It was as if I was at my lowest point. The cell was built within  a cell. Claustrophobia started working on me before I walked into the cell. I  asked the cop when I will be able to make a call. "Someone will be with you  soon." He couldn't care less about me.  I stepped inside and that's when I heard it. The sound that I may never forget.  SLAM!!!!!! Followed by the huge clicking of a bolt lock.  I'm in jail. The cell was no bigger than my guest bathroom. The feeling of death  lingered in this place. The door was thick steel. The walls were cinder blocks.  The light was that sickening energy saving bluish light. The color of the walls  was slate gray. The toilet and water fountain was conjoined. The toilet was full  of pee. It's a far cry from Miami Beach.  This is the same place they hold murderers, thieves, and rapist. The tiny window  on the door only allows one to see another concrete wall.  There was a slit on  the side of the door that one could slide a pencil through. I could see a little  bit down the hall at another wall. Time had stopped. I had no sense of time. I  feel a lump in my throat. I'm hurt.  I'm a praying man. Most people that know me, know that I am in fact a praying  man. But I know that I don't pray like I used to or like I should. And I hate to  be one of these people that pray when they need something. But.... I surely need  God right now. I'm very much in a casket that's buried within a casket. I've  suffered with anxiety before. So I know how to deal with it. I began to relax.  Just sit still. Breath. Close my eyes. OK. Relax. And just when I thought I  could lay down, the thought came to me. The worst thought ever. Nobody knows  where I am. I told Gloria that I may be at the mall. What time is it? Is it too  late for her to bail me out? Will they let her bail me out after 5? Do I have to  sleep overnight here? The anxiety and panic is so overwhelming at this point  that I felt I was having a nervous break down. The anxiety was strong. It was  almost deafening. It was as if I suddenly lost my eyesight. I ring the button  that allows me to talk to the officer. There's a tiny mic/speaker there that you  talk into and listen from. I told the officer that I couldn't breath and that I  was having anxiety. He couldn't do anything for me. But what he did was call the  paramedics and he called Gloria and told her where I was. That helped a lot.  When the paramedics came they took me out of that little cell. I started to  breath again. I knew I would feel better once I got out. But that was only  temporary. 5 minutes it lasted. The cop said "I have something special for you."  and without handcuffs, he escorted me to a much bigger cell.  I thanked him. But when he shut the door and after I once again heard the slam  of the cold steel and huge clicking of the bolt lock, I thanked God. Only God  sends angels. He supplies what we need. The bigger cell was a little better. I  felt anxiety still but not as bad. I started to circle the cell and talk to God  and myself out loud. I tried singing but my throat was closing up. It felt like  my wind pipe was shrinking. But I could feel peace arriving. The more circles I  walked and the more I thanked God, the quieter my mind became. It was good. I  was calming down. This door was also thick steel with a tiny window that showed  nothing. But when I looked through slit I could see a phone. On the phone was  the time and date. Do you see how God provides? Seeing the time gave me a sense  of life, or something tangible. In this case I did the wrong that landed me in  here and God still provides and shows his mercy. My heart melted at the mercy  and kindness of God.  As I circle the cell I'm thinking "Josh, you've traveled the world over lots of  times. You've done some major things with your life. You've done work for artist  who have become a part of American history. You've smoked cigars with the  president of South Africa's ANC. You've been inside The Grand Lodge of England.  You've prayed in the most holy place in Kyoto Japan with Monks. You know  important people. You're even close friends with millionaires. And the only one  that can help you is God. And just like he promised, he's right here." At this point I begin to notice every little detail about this hell. The amount  of cinder blocks on the wall, the scuff marks from the kicking of the door. The  word WHY is etched in the tiny window.  You know how people say, "God if you get me out of this, I'll never do it  again." I know that no one can or should even try to cut a deal with God. And  because it took this experience to get me to focus on God, I'm thinking this may  be an act of God in the first place. Whether it is or isn't, I made a decision  to rekindle my relationship with God. That doesn't mean I'm becoming a monk.  LOL. But rather a more personal relationship. Not church, but God. I embrace  Christianity. It's what i believe and has worked for me. It's where i met God  and had my first encounter with him. However, I feel that God does not belong to  Christians, Muslims, Buddhist or whatever organization. People belong to God.  He's the God of the Universe. If there are other planets that have  civilizations, he's their God also. LOL.  Anyway I was handcuffed at 3:00pm and released at around 7:00pm. Upon being released, they give you your belongings. And I received my phone, my  wallet, my iPod, and change. I had a Starbucks receipt. The Sargeant said "You  had a Frappucino? You don't look like a Frappucino guy." And we laughed.  I go out and Gloria was there. We talked about my experience for a while and  drove to the nearest diner. While we're eating the waitress brings two coffees  to the table. I didn't order any coffees. She said "The man back there bought  these for you. We don't have Frappucino's and this is the next best thing."  It was the Sargeant.  Only God shows that kind of favor.   If you didn't get anything from this blog please get this, God is not super  religious like we humans are. He's not a bearded man with a thunderbolt in his  hand. But he's a sweet, loving God. And he cares even when you've done wrong. He  is faithful. He supplies even when we don't deserve his supplication. But we  must be deliberate when seeking him. If you call him from your heart, he will  answer.  Thanks for reading. And send money, I have fines to pay!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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