Miami March 17th 3:37pm  I met a brother at the airport who was very much into the house music scene. He  knew the Honeycomb Cd and told me what his favorite jam was and everything. It  always feels good to be recognized and acknowledged. I don't care how successful  I become in this life, but I'll always appreciate that. Thanks Delwin Carr.   4:48pm  I'm on the plane and God only knows why they sat me next to these spoiled young  girls. They're maybe 21-25. But you can hear that they're accustomed to money.  They're talking so loud and about nothing. Everything is "Oh my god. Are you  serious?" and the other girl is constantly saying "I was like, he was like, and  they were like." Just imagine Tamar Braxton but white and blonde hair. The  steward told the girl that her bag needs to go up front. The plane is full. And  in the most snooty voice possible, she replied "I paid an extra thirty dollars for  my bag." You know how some over privileged kids sound? Mom and Dad are rich and  they're the spoiled college kid? Everything they say sounds like a question.  For example, "I like, can't wait to get there? All of these people on this plane  just like, keep staring at me?" You know the type.  What really annoyed me about these girls was that they seemed annoyed with the  steward. It was almost as if they recognized him as lower class or beneath them.  This behavior is more common than we think. Black people, we get crazy at  restaurants when the waitress or waiter makes a mistake. It's as if the manager  owes us a free dinner. Not to mention how rude we get.   5:15pm  This just in.... The mouthy chicks are from Princeton University. And apparently  it's a big deal. What a shame. I love love love to see people achieving in life.  I'm all for higher education and the likes. But when an institution shapes or  influences your social behavior to be condescending toward others, there's a  problem.   7:20  About to land, and I'm a little excited. But then the steward asked one of  Princeton girls to pull her seat back all the way forward and she refused!!!!!!!  He went on to explain to this girl why it's necessary and she felt it  unnecessary. I was going to say something to little Ms. Lindsey Lohan. But I  thought, I'd better not.  Did I mention that they laugh at everything? And the stupid laugh the blonde one  has. Oh my GOD!!!!!!! I want off of this plane!!!!! Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!  7:50pm  OK. Here it is. This is why I'm not feeling WMC like I used to. SPRING BREAK!!!  These kids are so happy to be able to wild out without their parents on them.  They go overboard. They talk too much. They're so irritating. LOL. Am I being  too harsh? Maybe I'm getting old. Let's face it folks. I am 42. I really don't  want to spend this week in Miami with a bunch of 20somethings. They're so  immature. Was I this silly acting at 20something?   Mar 18th 5:37pm  On the bus. I know it's the thing to do but must I give up my seat to this older  woman. My knees and feet are hollering from the walking. I thought the seat  thing was optional. Why must I be made to feel obligated? 
Everybody is expecting me to get up! 
I'm cracking up on the inside. But really. I'm just too tired. LOL!!!!!
 March 19th 7:01pm  It's very difficult to blog while being here. There's a party everyday, all day.    March 20th 11:22pm  I'm at SoBe Live where my good friend Ron Trent is rocking. Right now Bugz In  The Attic is rocking. Here's the punch in the mouth, the bottled water is  $9!!!!!!!! Not even Poland Springs or Deer Park. It was SoBe Live's custom  bottles. Which means the water could be from anywhere. WOW!!!!  March 21st 4:24am  I think I've lost my entire mind. I just walked from 19th St to 3rd. My veins  hurt. LOL. I even walked slow. My knees and feet are going to let me know just  how old I really am in the morning.  Tonight I went to the Shelter party. I saw Terry Hunter, Stephanie Cooke,  PiranhaHead, Diviniti, Spinna, Teddy Douglass, Lisa Moody, Tracey Fortson, and a  bunch of my people. That's always cool. That's what WMC is really about for me.  When will I ever see all of these people under one roof? Through the years you  fall in love with these people that you meet and they become your family. So now  after 27 years of house music, I'm shaking hands like you wouldn't believe. LOL.    Mar 21st 9:13pm  Went to the Singers Be Heard party. It was amazing. Todd Terry did a great job.  He did a classic segment and played Apache. That song is probably the first  break beat after James Brown records. My friend Stan Thomas, killed the dance  floor when that came on! Stan is a thick guy. Not sloppy or fat, but heavier  than most. He was BREAK DANCING. It was one of the highlights so far. He was  amazing. VooDooRay was a great host. He shouted everyone out by name on the mic  and made everyone feel like a star. It was beautiful. The spirit was right. The  vibe was excellent. Sheila Ford did a song that was like Din DaDa by George  Kranz. She scatted and the drummer answered her. It was clearly some next level  singing. That woman is talented. Johnny Dangerous jumped on the mic and rocked.   Mar 26th 9:52am  I'm at the airport on the way home. I'm feeling, well almost overwhelmed with  thoughts of the conference. There were some hi's and lo's. I truly love the  conference because of what it is. But somehow, the definition has changed for  me. Let me put it this way, I've listened to a lot of opinions about the  conference. But the bottom line is that it's what you make it. If you come to  enjoy, you will enjoy. If you're a critic, then all you'll do is find fault. I  once had the opinion that the scene has changed and it was once this and that.  While all of that may be true, it doesn't have to be negative. Change is good.  I've met a lot of young people on this trip.  Wanna hear something interesting? When I DJ'ed, I played classics. There were  some young people that actually enjoyed it!!!!!! I thought I would lose these  kids for sure, but I didn't. There is room for every DJ's style of playing.  Louie put me on at the Delano at 11:50pm. PEAK TIME! Grammy Award winning DJ  puts me on at that time????? I felt special and very blessed. Why, you ask?  Because Louie owes me nothing. And he's capable of DJing 13-14 hour sets. So he  really doesn't need another DJ to do his parties. And let's be clear, the party  will be packed regardless. So I'm grateful that he thought enough of me to ask me to play  music. One day my DJ brand will be really strong and I will reach upcoming DJ's  in that same manner.  Anyway, I think the conference was good. I still don't like the parties being so  spread out and far from each other. The walking was brutal.  My performance at the Shore Club was cool. I did a couple of songs from the new  EOL album.  I played a decent set that day. DJ DatGirl, Doris Goliatha, Anika Anumudu, and some New Yorkers  vibed with me the whole way, while the bikini bods layed about the pool. It was  different. LOL!! Later a very young woman that worked behind the desk at the  hotel showed me pictures that she took. She doesn't know me, but she enjoyed  herself.  Did I mention the Tambor party? Tambor is a party that goes down in Atlanta. They did a 1 hour feature of my  Honeycomb Vol. 1 cd. Dawn Tallman, Cinnamon Brown, and Chinahblac killed that  stage. Really really killed it!! Many people cried and felt touched emotionally.  It was just beautiful.  I felt so open and inspired. On stage I gave an open invitation to sing on my  label to the crowd. One requirement. Talent is a must. I'm not messing with  people that wanna sing. I'm interested in people that CAN sing. I'm looking for  extraordinary talent. Thats one house music "myth" that I'd like dispel. Soulful  House music is not a home 30-50 year old, washed up, C rated singers. We have  some really talented people that have God given gifts. Some songs in house music  have the power to heal, and mend broken hearts.  Well anyway, that's my take on this trip. Let's talk again soon. LOL.
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