March 3rd At The Coffee Cave

Coffee Cave. Mar. 3rd 6:37pm While I'm originally from Brooklyn, Newark is definitely a second home to me. It's where I started my career, had my first kiss, drove a car for the first time, bought my first car and it's been great.. Most people that know me think I'm from Jersey. There's something about rocking in front of my people, my home crowd that has me a little n.. Ok a lot nervous. Why am I nervous? I know everybody that's coming. Even if I was terrible we're going to have fun right? In my mind, I feel as though I'm about to perform in front of "The Apollo" crowd. Well anyway, I'm headed over to my friend Cher and her husbands place. Cher is serious cook. And DJ Sabine will be there. It'll be the perfect place to hang to get my nerves together. 8:37 pm There's something refreshing about talking to a cat that loves his girl. It's just nice, ya know? I hung out in the basement with Justin(Cher's husband.) He's an incredible DJ/Producer/Mind Traveling dude. I wanted to listen to some of my CDs for the night, so Justin allowed me to go over some music on his set up. Cher is big on hosting. I felt like I was at a restaurant at one point. Some people have a knack for hosting. You ever meet people that just seem to have a gift for hosting? There are plates for this and that, and a different type of fork for this and that. There are certain types of dish ware that Cher has that I couldn't even say what they were for. I won't even mention the beauty of their home. Sabine is always lovely and Cher has a daughter who is quite the little lady. So you can see that the overall environment was beautiful. Perfect for a nervous DJ!!! 9:12 Just like I thought. Cher's food was remarkable. Seasonings and flavors were like a symphony!! I should come here before every set.

10:45pm I'm here and the drama begins.. Maybe I shouldn't say drama. Maybe it's me... What I'm talking about is the issue of a "Guest List." My next statement is going to get me in soooooooo much trouble with a lot of you. But I will say it in hopes that my sentiments will not be mistaken for arrogance or inconsideration. I've learned that true friends and people that really carae about you will almost NEVER inquire about a guest list. They want to support you. They want to pay! Is it not rude to ask, "Can you put me on the list?" Why is that a part of House music culture??? Look at it this way. The admission was $10. So for every person on the guest list, that's -$10.00. So many people asked last night that when I finally put a list together I forgot one of the most important guest of the night. Guess who it was...... .... I'll wait. ...... Figured it out? CHER!!!!!!!!!! I had just come from her home and ate, drank, and stank up the house and she had to pay to get in. I thought I put her name down. I put everyone else there but her. I was so embarrassed. Damn! In my anger and frustration, I must have forgotten. I think that it's inappropriate to ask to be on a list. It shows no respect or humility. And to me, it exudes cheap and cheap is the most unsexy thing.. My thought is, if one can't afford $10 to get in a party, one should not come out. I understand that money is tight for everyone. But why ask me to pay $10 for you to get in MY party? Now if you're reading this and you know that you're one who has no problem asking to be on a list, this is not a personal attack on you, but I'm speaking out of frustration. I'm an artist who does this for a living. My music is copied and pasted, promoters often offer me gigs by saying "well we don't have a big budget", and when I give a party I have to allow you to come in for free??? Is there ever going to be a day when we actually respect our genre of soulful house music?? We love it so much, yet we piss on it.

11:30 pm John is rocking. People are slowly walking in. I'm feeling a little nervous. There's another party going on tonight. As in most house music communities, our scene is not big. There are maybe 200 people that will come out to a party. If there's more than one party going on, the crowd is split up. I'm a little uneasy. But I saw my man Brian Hester and Clarence Derricott. I'm talking 5th grade friends. These brothers had me cracking up. It was so good to see them. That felt really good for about 10 minutes. But I'm nervous again 11:46 pm I go on at midnight. Why am I acting like this? Way too nervous. I saw Magic walk in. That didn't help. Gary Magic Ward is a cool brother from our scene that will let you know if you suck. That is his way. He will yell out something from off of the dance floor like "Yo!!! Bring it!!!!" I didn't like that at first. But here we are 3 years after meeting him and I can say that I appreciate that pressure. Mar. 4th 12am The crowd picked up considerably. I like the crowd that I attract when I'm home. I don't usually get the "heads" at my parties. I get a lot of everything. Some church folks, some real dancers, some spectators, artist, producers and DJ's support me. I like the maturity of the crowds I attract. DJ Will Milton who has a regular party at this spot, came in and showed his love. Thats what I love. A DJ supporting another DJ. Krystine Walker, Eddie Nicholas(who wore an amazing TOP HAT), Keisha Hall, Rodney Carter were among some of the singers in the house. New York, Philly, even Brandy Wolant and her husband came from Maryland. DJ Marinos was here from JAPAN!! DJ Wayne Williams blessed us with his presence, Tamir FamilySoul showed his love, Regan Jones and my brother DJ Big Moses whom I love so much came in the booth to bust my chops, LOL. Photographers Yorel, Billie Carter, and Phyllis McKoy was there. Socialites Mo Ferguson, Lavern Brevard, Wendy Elle, Brazen Muse, Phyllis Cocoa Leath, Mia Brown and Darceil were there. I had the support of other labels like Mixtape Sessions, and Carl Dupree from Phuture Soul. I love the way they all showed their love. There were way more DJ's, promoters, dancers and artist worth mentioning, but I can't name everyone in this blog.

1:00 am Hey. Look. They're still dancing!!!!!! 2:13 am Having a really cool set! The people danced all night and seemed to enjoy some of the new music I'm releasing(shameless plug). Honey Sweet. Honey Sweet. Honey Sweet. 2:30 am John just asked me to shut it down by 2:45. Where did the time go. I had fun. Cher and her crew are going to her place for French Toast Turkey Sausage and stuffis. Oh my my my. Sooooo stinking tempting. But I'd better get on the road. 1:20 minute drive ahead of me. 3:05am Ahhh. The afterglow of a great night. We're all parlaying. Talking trash. Cracking jokes. Snapping a few flicks. Sharing and caring. Ain't it beautiful. This is House Music. This very thing right here is what I love most. You know what? Go with me for a second...... Some of you remember years ago in the 70's and 80's on Sunday afternoon when church was over, people would still congregate in the parking lot or the church basement. Somewhere around the church, some people would still kinda hang around talking and things. Those were the ones that came for the fellowship. They were usually the ones who you would see praising God during the church service. Running up and down the isles, shouting and freely giving God praise. I'm looking around and the same thing goes here. The people that are still here are the ones who came to hear good music and enjoy themselves no matter what others are saying or doing. They paid to get in. They bought drinks. And they understand the relevance of afterglow. It's the time when you introduce yourself to another in the spirit of love. You introduce yourself to a perfect stranger as if the music of this evening flows through both of us and we should at least speak to each other....... I know. I go too deep.

But I remember when house music was like that after every party. THE SHELTER WAS COMPLETELY CHURCH!!! I'm talking about the original 6 Hubert St. Shelter. The only thing we didn't do was speak in tongue.... Wait, I'm not sure. Somebody may have. You never know. I know those days are gone. But I feel blessed to have experienced a night in the club turn spiritual. Being raised in the church, you're taught that a Christian has no place in the club. It's a place for sinners. It's where the devils music is played. Well if that ain't the dumbest, narrow, slave minded thing I've ever been taught! Me and God talk often. And he's vocal! I know when I do wrong and right. And doing what I doing music in and out of the clubs is Gods will for my life. I'm no Rabbi. And I'm not the most righteous brother out here. I say and do things I shouldn't. But I love my God. He cares for me personally. He takes time out of his schedule to say something to me. And then at the same time he sees that I arrive to the club safely and back. He keeps the ambulance away from my home. He's a sensitive God. I love him. Didn't mean to go there.... But when I think of the goodness of..... OK I'm stopping right here. 4:20am I'm home. :-)

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