Renaissance with Max Pela and Myrto Joyce.

Feb 11th 5:13am

OK. I'm blogging, for the first time, after the event. For those of you that read my blogs know that I like to be completely transparent when I write these things. All week I've been planning to rock this party. Myrto has become a dear friend of mine, and Max is a gentleman. Well, after preparing for this gig, I felt as though I was ready to RIP it!!! I get there and I see some friends from all around. Denise Temple, and Tee Alford came from DC!! There was Dorian, Otis and his wife and Myra from Jersey, Sabine and Marjona from Bklyn, Montana, Mikki and Doni Afflick, Shamika, Master Kev and even some church folks I know came. My brother Moses and his wife also came. Max was rocking his set when I walked in. I was feeling great. Well when I jumped on it was like the energy DROPPED!! I knew I had some seriously hot records but for whatever reason, I couldn't gain any momentum with this very diverse crowd. I though to myself, "Josh, don't worry. Just keep rocking. They'll catch on eventually." But then, almost suddenly, it happened. A DJ's worst nightmare. A bulk of people sat down. The only thing that really helped me was my very dear friend DJ Sabine danced when the crowd really thinned out. My people Dorian and Moses danced. But in the wee final hours after the crowd thinned out, Sabine danced. And that gave me hope. I'm afraid tonight was my turn to have an off night. Some folks were saying "you sound good." But I knew I sucked. The lesson I learned was that I definitely need to hang out more. And also, when DJing, follow the path of the previous DJ until you can veer off into your own vibe. Thanks everybody for not Booing. I humbly thank you all.

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