Jan 28th 11:53am

I'm headed to the "D". Detroit is where Techno was born. Some true innovators came out of Detroit. So I feel extremely honored to be able to go there and do my thing in front of a waiting public. There are still some major players in Detroit that will be there tonight. I'd better bring it if I wanna keep their respect. LOL. What's unfortunate is that every where you go, except for South Africa, the soulful house music crowd is usually a "fair" amount of people. 200-300 on a given night. It's like that every where. And tonight the crowd is going to be split because there is another party going on. That really is unfortunate. What's even more unfortunate is that some people are making it to be one against the other. And Soulful House music is one of the most beautiful, most spirited, inspirational, and most positive genres of music in the world! The party is our church. The DJ is our preacher. And the music is the word! I hate that someone allowed that spirit of separation in our world. I'm sure that tonight will be beautiful for both parties. I wish our people would learn how to work together for once. I'm not only talking about tonight, but we do that in Jersey, NY, Chicago where ever we are, we bring that mess with us. We need each other so much. And we don't even know it! I've had major bouts with some DJ's over some serious things. Fighting words were exchanged. But I'm not ever going to say that I don't need that DJ to play not only my music but soulful house music in general. I need ALL DJ's support. I'm never going to develop that pea brain mentality and form a click that only supports certain parties or DJ's. I hate that. Soulful house is what we love, and yet we treat it with no reverence. Sad... But anyway... I'm going to Detroit. Yay!!!!!! LOL


So I have a connecting flight from Philly to Detroit and the stewardess announces a weight balance issue. GREAT!!!!!! Now I'm going to be nervous and uncomfortable this whole ride. Why couldn't she say "We have rows in the back that are free. Would anybody like to take one?"
Oh noooooooooooo. She had to say that there was a "weight balance" issue. In other words, if we fly like this, there is a chance that we may crash!! Let me go to sleep.


Is that snow on the ground? Lawd, I ain't brang no socks!!!!


OK. So far so good. Diviniti picked me up and got me to the Hotel after stopping at KFC.
Hey! I know what you're thinking!
I am a black man and I'm entitled to my fried chicken! WHAT?!?!
Well, anyway, we're on our way to hear Piranha rock the spot. I'm excited. Diviniti is soooooooo sweet. She's making sure I'm good. I feel special.

Jan 29th. 3:49am

I am floored at the response. We were having a ball. Unpretentious and full of good energy this place was. The owner was cool. The door man cooked Lasagna for all who wanted some. This guy made that food taste like manna from heaven! PiranhaHead and Diviniti were beautiful host. I loved it. I'm getting better at DJing. I can see where I've grown. That feels really good. I talked to a few DJ's/Producers while there. I made some nice contacts. These are my people. I felt like I was family. Minx, Monique Dooley, Melinda Johnson, Michelle Robinson, Tasha Price, Barbara Deyo, Malik Alston, Mike Clark, Eric Gunther, Vida Darlene, the photo dude Tamir, and a few other Detroiters made it all so lovely. The owner was really cool! He was serving drinks!!!! Check that out! Craig Alexander and a few Chicagoans came through and showed their love. I even met some new talent in the scene. Stephanie. She's a spoken word artist. It was just beautiful. This is why we love house music.
Random thought. Why don't I have a flat screen TV yet? Everybody has one but me! I want to get a flight simulation game for my XBox 360. I need to get my domestic game up. I'm still watching a 32' inch "box" Television. Not a TV. A television set!! Damn.

Jan 30th 5:42pm

I'm on the plane reflecting on this trip. I was just thinking of how beautiful and pure hearted Diviniti and PiranhaHead are. Before I left, we had lunch and talked about the business of music and things. Diviniti is an amazing person and Piranha in my opinion is a genius. I was in the company of greatness. It was nice. I told Piranha, who by the way sings, writes, plays multiple instruments fluently, arranges, transcribes, conducts orchestras, runs his own recording label and studio, DJ's and Engineers, that there are UNFORTUNATELY some things we have to do to win the attention of our public. As amazing as he is, his talent and ability will be overlooked by the masses. It's crazy how the BUSINESS of music will open doors for Rhianna and crack doors for Lalah Hathaway. But such is the nature of the business.
Anyway, we made a quick stop at The Motown Museum! It's the actual home/studio where Berry Gordy started Motown records! I'm not sure what I felt, but there was something spiritual about being on the steps of Motowns original recording studio. The Temtations, Smokey Robinson, Stevie, Marvin, James Jamerson have all made history in this building. Whew!!!! While driving me to the airport, they play a song that they had laying around. Laying Around! Piranha did it some time ago. The song was beautiful from the first few chords. Piranha said "Yo man, you can have it if you want." I almost turned around and slapped him for no reason at all. That's how nice the song was. I just got a gem for my solo project from my Detroit people. I felt special and loved.


Random thought. I had the best Mother ever. I see some young mothers that curse their children out! They get on the phone with friends while the kids are sitting there. And the whole conversation is bitch this, bitch that, that muthafu__ ain't shi_, they can kiss my ass, and so on. The children hear this and want to sound like their mom. My mother was attentive, sensitive and extremely thoughtful. We all got valentines day candy. She was my hero. My whole star. I miss her. Wish she could see me do my thing.. Let me let this tear fall down and then I'll be ok again. Talk with you in a few.


OK. I'm back. I'm on the plane. I had a greasy burger while at the airport, and washed it down with greasy fries and a beer. Lawd knows I have to get it together. When I get home I'm going to talk to John Coffee Cave about a monthly party. It's just time.
Anyway..... Detroit was what I needed.

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