My 3 city European tour.

My 3 city European tour

Dec 23rd 8:19am
I've landed in Manchester around 6:30am and I'm connecting to a flight to Zurich. Let's just say I'm the only one without a fur on. Even this young kid had a set of Dr. Dre headphones. The $600 set. LOL. I'm clearly out of my league already. This older gentleman had a shearling coat with some sort of fur around the collar. WHEW! Tonight should be an easy stick and move. 11pm-1am. Just DJing. I'm going to enjoy it. Very small intimate gig.


A little earlier i played on Radio One with Pea Weber. That was fun. I'm here at the gig now. The name of the place is Aubrey. It's a restaurant that doubles as a club. Sexy and very intimate. The food was delicious. I'm liking that it's a nice mature crowd. The people are maybe 30 and up. Sweet.

Dec. 24th 10:07am

Last night was a pleasant gig. I rocked some joints that I like and the people was into it. I ended up enjoying myself. Now for round 2. Athens Greece. I'm feeling so inspired to do new music.
Random thought. Has anybody tried the new Spam flavors? LOL!!!!!!!!


A little weirded out. I'm on the plane but the plane looks like it's from the 50's. Everything is so old. Oh boy..
Anyway. Honey Sweet's album is burning hot. I'm very excited about that. It's going to be a sneak attack. Very unexpected type thing from Honeycomb.


I'm in Istanbul waiting on my next flight. Ever so often something happens that reminds me I'm definitely black. LOL. I'm the only 6'3 tall, 275 pound black man in the airport. You mean to tell me that none of you waitresses saw me for the last 10 minutes? And when I finally got ones attention, she said something sarcastic to her coworker in Turkish to which the coworker stared at me. I should have kicked her in the face. To top it off, my order was brought to me by someone else and it was all wrong. So when the sarcastic waitress brought the correct order to me, she had an attitude. People are the same where ever you go. We have this same issue at home. It's not about me being black, but ignorance can potentially get you killed. LOL. On another day I would have blacked out but I thank God for his grace and mercy.


OK. I'm at the gate and I see something that you'd never see in the states. One man is sitting in the chair and his friend is laying in the chairs beside him with his head in his friends lap. And to them, this is normal. Nothing at all gay or inappropriate about it to them. I absolutely adore my brother Moses. I tell him regularly that I love him. When I see him I hug him. He's my best friend. I tell him my most darkest secrets!! But if you ever see me with my head in his lap, I want you to pick up the nearest frying pan and strike me in the head with it. There's just some things men don't look right doing with each other.

Dec. 25th 2:38pm

After a night of partying, I finally wake up. It's Christmas Day!!! But let me rewind a little. Last night Anna(the promoter/DJ) took me to a restaurant that Petros and his brother Panos(see my blog about Greece) owns. Panos has just become a father. Petros is in love with his niece. So the feeling is festive. We go to Petros' apartment for shots of alcohol that he made himself!! He was playing some incredible vinyl. The place was sexy. Afterward we all went to hear Kenny Carpenter play.
Right now I'm headed to Anna's place to enjoy Christmas dinner with her family and friends. I can't help but miss my family.

Dec. 26th 4:54am

Today was insane. I met a gentleman who in my opinion is exactly who Jesus was referring to when he said "I have flock that are not of this fold." I went to Anna's home and met her dad. Who I have taken claim of as my dad. This brilliant 81 year old Australian hyper intelligent man is a true gem. He has a telescope, and is extremely computer savvy. He turned me on to some classical music. I asked him what was it about this music that he loved so much. He said, "The serenity." WOW!!!!!!!!! Even if you don't like classical music you'll at least have to respect someone who can find the serenity in the music. The song is called Concerto for Oboe and Violin in A Minor. Peter Kominos. I love this man. He wouldn't eat his food at the table until his daughter sat down to eat. And he was hungry! A true gentleman. He's never been to NY, but because he studied the maps, we discussed the streets of NY. He knew streets, as in directions! He made my trip sweeter. Dad if you're reading this, thanks for being a great person.


Well I did my show and to say the very least, it was unlike anything I've ever done. There was NO stage. It was as if I walked into a jam packed club and was handed a mic to sing amongst the crowd. And they enjoyed it. The people were beautiful. Athens is an awesome place.


Eating at a Greek Gyro spot. Oh My Friggin Goodness! The pork and the seasonings, the cut, the flavors, and the beer. Ahhhhh. Bliss. At it's finest. And this place wasn't the fancy fancy spot. But the food. Oh my my my...

Dec. 27th 6:16pm

OK. I'm really chillin. Slept all day. Anna and Dim Papp took me to their friend Stephanos' place. It's called the Pasta Bar. Stephanos is the chef/owner. And he's a house music fan. I was in heaven. All of the appetizers and fresh herbs were exciting to my palette. The wine was amazing. He's making food for us and we haven't ordered anything. The waiter is just bringing food to the table and explaining the dish. Talk about service. Amazing!!!! A DJ friend is here with us. Ezeloops. Very nice young guy. That's something that we Americans failed to do. We didn't raise up any young DJ's or house music artist. That's one thing I'm going to do at Honeycomb. I don't want to work with children. But I'd like to produce talent that's new to our scene. Introduce our music to new talent and introduce new talent to our scene. I love our artist and producers. But if we don't pass the torch, house music will be like Doo Wop music. We will be old people going out to see performers with canes. Like Little Anthony & The Imperials. Or Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. We have definitely failed! No matter how you slice it. To be honest, I'm older and more tired. I don't go out nearly as much as I should. Soulful House is NOT regenerating at all.... Sorry. I didn't mean to go that deep into it. LOL. But it's really a serious thing for those of us that breathe this music. We will soon die if we don't regenerate!


Stephanos is going the extra mile. He pulled out the Rakomelo. This is a home made drink made with honey. Served warmed. The shot glasses were like little mugs. Listen. I'm chillin ..... I wish Moses were here.

Dec. 28th. 1:02am

Anna is a DJ as well as a promoter. Tonight is her night to play at her residence. It's kind of a bar/club. But it has the intimacy that I love. People are drinking and chillin. There's no clicks. Everybody is having a good time. There are two floors and it's fun. Drinks are everywhere. People that can't dance are dancing. I love it. It's so not what we do at home. We have attitudes and are broke. Damn!!
Not saying I don't love it at home, but the Vibe here is beautiful. And there are no attitudes. Well anyway, I'm having a ball.


On the plane. Headed to Sweden with a 2 hour layover in Istanbul. The traveling back and forth is a killer. But I thank God for income. I thank God for so many things. The year is almost done. So many people didn't make it through the year. But God has allowed me to see my company happen and blessed me with people to help me make it happen. The support system I have in my family, friends and artist is immeasurable. ONLY God can do that.


I made it to Sweden. I was picked up by a young brother who's named Love. And this 26 year old young man told me that he spent the best Christmas with his Grandfather and Father. And for New Years he is going to apend time with his grandparents. I knew immediately that tonight was going to be good. Anytime you meet somebody who values family like that is usually a good person. And his name is Love! Nikki and Christopher are his partners and Martin is the venue promoter. Nikki, Love, and Chris are all DJ's. The night was lovely. I really love Dj'ing. I mean LOVE it. Especially for a crowd that loves house music. I played some gems that I never play. That was fun.

Dec 29th 7:56am

Funny. It's dark. It's pitch black out here. I'm sleepier than ever. But I made it to the airport. Headed back. So many things have to get done. But I'm on it. Thanks for listening.

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