WMC vs. Soulful House

I hope I'm not getting myself in trouble by blogging this. The truth, sometimes, will get one in deep trouble. The truth cuts and a lot of people are uncomfortable around the truth. And they dislike the one who speaks the truth, but since no one else is saying it, and we're all thinking it, allow me to be the one to throw it out there. Kim Redness Haynes said something that will forever sting my thinking of WMC. "Miami turned it's back on us!" she said. At that moment I was trying to convince the message board of how important it is to support WMC. But I could not argue her point. Its true. It was as if the gavel had been banged with force. I'm seriously about WMC because it's beautiful in Miami, house music is everywhere, and you see your peers from everywhere and party for a week. Ive had some memorable times there. Some milestones in my career were in Miami. I've met some of my friends in Miami. I love the WMC!!! But can we REALLY afford to spend $250 a night on decent hotel rooms? Anything under that is a step away from a motel. Not to mention the costly drinks at $12 per cocktail. $8 beers. And please don't try to go out to dinner at Joes seafood or anything nice. That's easily $150 for 2 people.

Now some of you reading this have nothing but hit records out and fat checks coming in. But I truly can't afford to spend over $1000 for only 4 nights in a hotel and that's not counting money for food and drinks and whatever else. This economy is not kind like that. I really enjoyed last years conference. I had my first party there. Glenn Thornton had his Slaag party and Adam Cruz had his Mixtape Sessions party. So it was nice to see soulful cats doing it and keeping our music alive. But is it worth it? Body and Soul, and Shelter always give amazing parties. I went to the body and Soul party for maybe a half hour and Claussell was killing em' that day. I wouldn't even be writing this if y'all were coming out but I don't see y'all like I did years ago at the WMC. The spirit isn't quite the same without you. And I think your absence has to do with the cost. The people that support the harder sounding house music that seems to saturate the WMC are more than likely college kids who don't have children or spouses. They don't have the bills that us grown ups have. So they can afford WMC. Their parents will give them money to get drunk. But you and I come home hoping that they won't shut our phone off before the end of the month. All I'm asking is What Are We(soulful house music people) Going To Do? WMC with all of it's splendor is too expensive and I question if it's worth it. They jack prices up when we come. Is that cool? Are we rolling in the dough like that? I'm just asking. What do you think? Random thought, gosh I loved Mi Casa.

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