Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Oct. 6th 8:30 pm
Landed. I haven't been to Mexico since I was in my very early 20's. Honestly I'm  feeling a little weirded out by all of the killings and lawlessness that goes on  out here. But hey, I'm here to have a great weekend. I did about 4 new joints  that I'm debuting here. We'll see how they work out. Gloria is happy, but not  feeling well. I think the plane ride made her a little queezy. Today is a day  late to be here. People have been partying since yesterday. I got some catching  up to do. I was thinking about something Sonya Youngblood said on my page. We do  things like this for the love and survival of house music. Every DJ will be  trying to play music that makes people rejoice and feel good about living.  That's totally it!!! There's no money involved. Having said that, there is no  other genre of music that I know of that does that. Crazy right?

Oct. 7th 9:43am
I think I love this whole Mi Casa thing. There's one party that everyone goes to  all day. And theres another party going on all night. Rather than a million  parties all day and night. This is sweet. The party begins at 1pm and you get  your morning to swim or have breakfast. I have a fancy schmancy ocean front  room. So I think I'll jump in the ocean after breakfast. Last night we went to  see Ian Friday play at this club called La Santanera. It was a nice way to start  my party weekend. Ian did his thing. People loved him. I saw some Atlanta, NY,  Miami, Chicago, Phoenix, San Fran, Philly, Boston, LA, Hawaii, DC, Hong Kong,  Va, and a little of everybody. It definitely felt like I was around my loving  people. And that's always a plus. Today is a chill day. I'm going to get up with  my Atlanta people(Ramon Rawsoul) and go to the cigar rolling spot and have a  stick and maybe some tequila.

Oct. 8th 11:43am
So let me catch you up on what's going on. Last night I went to hear Justin  Hyppolite play at The Pink Elephant after having a cigar freshly rolled and  sealed with mint paste. Right after Justin played, Oscar P played and then  Hallex. Really different DJ's. This is what makes Mi Casa Es Su Casa so HOT!!  Justin played a really great set. There was a mixed crowd of people. And  everyone was into him. You get where I'm driving at? This wasn't a Soulful night  or a Minimal night. This was just a night of good music for good people. One  club for all DJ's. In my opinion it's better to house everything together. This  way we can turn each other on to new sounds and vibes. All of the DJ's were Hot.  Gloria and I were wooped. I have no idea why I thought I could hang like I'm in  my 20's. My back and legs were sore and feet felt broken. LOL!!! I just ate  breakfast with Tracy Fortson who is a real supporter of this music and this  scene. She and most of my friends are going on a tour to the city of Tulum. I  don't want to commit to a day of hanging. I'd rather get back in the water and  chill. Drink Piña Coladas and Daiquiri's. I play at 1am. I've not heard a lot of  vocals since being here. So I think I'll go that route.

Oct. 9th 9:40am
Where does the time go? Man. This trip was so so so good. I really didn't want  it to be over. House music has gotten so pretentious and VIP-ish that a lot of  the times I'm turned off. I've been around for a minute and I've seen most of  the highs and lows in house music. I know for certain that nobody that does  soulful house should feel as though they've arrived. Nobody is doing so well  that they should act uppity. Well this trip reminded me of why I do this music.  In one room there was DJ's from all over the world and the crowd enjoyed all of  them. Nobody was acting stupid. There was NO VIP area. There was a DJ playing  before me that I'd never heard of. Marco. He was killing it! And was very sweet  to allow me to use his headphones. Random thought: what touched my heart the  most is seeing my friends that are DJ's/producers dance and just show love when  I'm playing. Ian Friday was dancing. I'm not sure if I ever saw him dance!  Sabine with her beautiful music loving self was there enjoying the vibe. And  Master Kev said he had to come in the booth with me!! This is the kind of love  that house music was originally birthed from....... Anyway, Julius The Mad  Thinker was on after me and ripped it. I went up to hear Salah Ananse. He played  some exclusive joints that I never heard. I'm telling you this was a serious  weekend. Gloria and I didn't even go to Tulum, but everybody came back talking  about it. The word they kept using was BEAUTIFUL. Next year I'll know better. I  was supposed to play the piano tonight at a restaurant b..........  excuse me,  Gloria just knocked on the door and had a key in her bag!!!! Why not just take  the key out and put it in the door and.....  Anyway, I was supposed to play at a restaurant tonight but I'm leaving. It's my  fault. Julius told me that the date was Sunday but I think I heard what I wanted  to hear. That mistake will never happen again. There were people looking forward  to that and I feel horrible. Next time. I must spread the word about this lovely  and yet affordable event. Im almost scared of too many people knowing because we  bring our attitudes and mess the whole thing up. I really missed some of my  music family on this trip. Adam Cruz and the entire MixTape Session crew, Glen  Thornton and Slaag records, legendary DJ/Super Producer Big Moses, and Honeycomb  Music will surely be in the number next year!!!!!!!!! Thanks Julius, Jenn and  Janice Bond for inviting me out here. Lovely Lovely weekend. Support House  music.

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