Mayra & Dwayne's Gathering

Now I don't usually blog about anything personal however this is important. My wife and I were invited by my youngest sister Mayra and her husband Dwayne's for a dinner gathering. I can't stress enough the importance of these types of gatherings. Firstly my little sister cooked her face off and you know how good food can bring people together. Anyway I get there and the party has started. Good people, family and friends all over the place. There were drinks all over the place. Mayra even made a pineapple infused vodka. So the spirit of partying was there when I got there. I met a guy named Eugene who is a friend of Mayra & Dwayne. OK. Let me break this down in the most real way possible. This brother is truly my newest family member!!! I'm talking beautiful family cat that loves to have a good time. This is the kinda party cat that everybody needs in their life. After we all ate Mayra's lovely cooking we went downstairs to Dwayne's man cave. Let's just say that this brother had a straight up club in his basement. The music was loud just like a club. DJ Christian played on Dwayne's setup which by the way was crazy!! I'm telling you, this was just as loud and powerful as a small club. The vibe was so lovely and beautiful. Everybody danced and partied together. I will never forget this.

The point of this blog is to remind you(the reader) to get together with your real friends and family. And to acquire REAL friends that will be honest and tell you when you're wrong, and fight for you and with you when you're WRONG! Friends that don't care about what you have. Friends that you can be yourself with. I don't care how rich, poor, popular, or unpopular you are, everybody needs at least one friend. There's absolutely nothing like it. Get out of that self righteous crap about "I don't need anyone. It's just me and God!" You're lying to yourself. Even Jesus had friends. If you don't have a relationship with your people like that, develop one. It's so necessary for your well being. I have family that aren't biologically related to me but no one knows and will never know.

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