Oct. 27 11:05am
Tonight I perform at Ian Friday's Libation party. I'm looking forward to it. I know Ian has a really soulful crowd, so this should be fun.. Ian posted a question on Facebook that asks, "What would like Josh to perform?" I can't tell you how shocked I was at the responses. People were calling out songs that I've never sang on any stage before. Album cuts!!! Songs that I couldn't get show tracks for if my life depended on it. So I'm thinking maybe I'll do an acoustic set and just play some of the songs on keys. That should be ok. I hope. Mostly I want to make sure that the people enjoy the performance. I probably should practice. LOL...... Why am I still in bed???
I was watching Rachel Ray with her fine self. Emeril was the guest. That man made something like a wine infused fried chicken dish with pasta. Ahhhhhhhhh. It looked amazing.

11:14 pm
I'm ready to do this. I did a special version of Elevation just for tonight. Hopefully it'll be well received. Dawn is meeting there and she'll join me for a little impromptu type number. That's always fun to have someone you respect musically to be so supportive that they'll rock with you and not try to battle.

Oct. 28 10:21 am
I had a wonderful time. Libations organization was highly impressive. Caroline met us at the door. We walked in and was greeted with so much love and service by Manchild Black. He waited on us hand and foot!!! He didn't have to do all of that. I admire the professionalism that I was witnessing. And it was so nice to be treated so well! Ian had the crowd nice and passionate. I saw some of my friends there. Dawn was already there and they had already shown her love. I got on the stage and was well received. The experience at Libation was a beautiful one. Not to mention the bartender was pouring heavy!! :-)
I'd surely hang out here.

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