July 28th 6:02pm
This is the trip I've been wanting to experience. Ibiza. I've been hearing about Ibiza since I started doing dance music. Well. I'm here. I'm at the airport and my plane doesn't leave till 8:30. It's a little after 6!!! But I like getting to the airport early. I wanted to make sure that getting an exit row seat wouldn't be a problem. The days where business class seats were an option are on pause. Those seats cost thousands of dollars that most people just don't have anymore. I remember when me and Kev wouldn't take a flight unless they could get us business or first class seats. Now things have changed. The economy has shrunken big time. If an artist wants to make a little money, they'd have to be open to some changes. Don't get me wrong, this business is dirty and not all promotors are broke. Some of them can afford the business class seats. But I plan to get my career to the point where booking me will require business class seats as part of the deal. But for now I have to do what I have to do. You feel me? LOL.....

I'm wondering should I have eaten those White Castles before getting on this plane tonight.

I'm boarding. And as usual folks are losing their minds to get on this plane. Why do people do that? The plane won't leave anyone behind unless they're not here. Nobody can steal your seat. Oh well.... Idiots....

July 29th 9:35am
Other than the guy sitting next to me, who leaned over the whole trip in an effort not to touch me, this wasn't a bad flight. Although I must admit, I'm a little disappointed because Gloria was supposed to come on this trip with me. And she was soooooo looking forward to the trip. But things didn't work out that way. But there's always next time. Anyway, travelling is almost always inspiring.
Random thought, my boat ride is going to be HOT. I'm so psyched. I have to get cracking on sales and promo. It's only a month away. A lot of boat rides focus on the wrong things. I rarely see the people/riders being catered to. Mostly it's a DJ and that's it. I try to give the people a little more than a DJ. Only those that came to my 40th Birthday party truly know how we get down. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm about to land in Madrid! That just sounds nice.

Louie rented a few apartments in this insane loft space. I mean, from the decked out roof top with the jacuzzi, to the fire place along the wall. Maaaaaan. This is really really over the top. I can get used to this. I'm sharing one of the apts. with Louie's asst., Moises. Anané prepared a nice dinner and now I have the ITIS!!! Can't take black people anywhere. I'm on an island in Spain and i'm talking about sleeping. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was uneventful. I just chilled. Watched a lot of TV. Ate some pizza. Played XBox 360 with Nico(Louies son.)
This kid is has probably travelled more than any adult I know. He must be 11 or 12. Brilliant boy...
You know what else is cool? The shopping area is like soho. There aren't any malls or even strip malls. Every place is a shop. It makes things more intimate. You have to walk in the shop to see what they have. I like that.
But anyway, yea.... I'm chillin. LOL.

July 30th 12:39am
I forgot to paint the scenario!!! My loft apt. has a balcony. I'm in the heart of the city. It's a party up and down the streets. The vendors are selling jewelry. One of a kind pieces. And right across the street is the Ships. Big cruise ships. The people are everywhere. There are cafés and bars on every corner. And guess what kind of music is pumping through the streets? HOUSE!!!!!!! I'm on my balcony with a stick and a Heineken(they didn't have Coors Lite), chillin in Spain. What's crazy is the ship. I'm on the second story, so I can kind of look in the ship. It looks luxurious. All I can see is crystal glass and white sheets. People with uniforms are scurrying, looking as though they're preparing for Kings and Queens to board. I love this...
Random thought, I have to be consistent with putting out good music. Even if I'm the only one that likes it, the quality will at least be good. I mustn't saturate the market with a million mediocre songs just for the sake of putting something out to make a few dollars at the end of the month. I'm trusting God to bless me. Are you(the reader) praying for me? Repeat after me. Say in a relaxed tone, "God Bless my brother Josh's career with continual creativity. In Jesus name I pray, amen." That's it. And thanks.

Yes!!! I'm still out here on the balcony. It's just way too nice and breezy. The water is nice to be around. And besides I have a Birdseye view of the people in their drunkeness. They know how to have fun though. Everybody is chillin and drinking. These are very attractive people. But I just now noticed something. These people have money!!!! LOL.. No wonder everybody is looking so good. I'm just taking a look at the clothes the guys are wearing. And all of the perfect boob jobs. Let's talk about that. When we say "boob jobs", one thinks Hollywood, movie star, absolutely fake boobs. But what I'm seeing here is cosmetic surgery done well. Nobody is looking like they're busting out, rather they look like natural boobs. I can tell only because nobody is wearing a bra. Those puppies are a little too perky and bouncy on too many women for no bra to be on. So therefore.....
Random thought, I don't believe I'm blogging about boobs.

You know what I absolutely love? When people are drinking or eating together and about 20-30 of them randomly break out into a song. I've never seen that before. I know they do it at soccer games on T.V. but to see it in person is something altogether different. I don't know what they're saying or the tune, but I want to jump in so bad. It sounds like that old car commercial from the 70's. "Volare whoa.. Volare whoo oo oooa."
Y'all are too young to remember that.
Imagine if I try that in a bar in NY. "I said a hip hop a hippy to the hip a da hip hip a hop a ya don't stop a rockin to the bang bang a boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie to be." I'd mess around and get jumped by some bloods and crips!!! They'd unite just for that moment! And those of you that know the jam wouldn't even join in. Y'all would just stand there. Watching me get my butt kicked. LOL!!!!!!!! Can you see me trying to run.... lol... My shirt ripped a little. Eye swollen. LOL....
OK. One more beer and I'm out.

I lied in bed all day. Wonderful west and welaxation at wast! When arrive at the club for soundcheck. I'm blown away immediately. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE. I've never seen anything like this place. The layout is almost identical to Cariocas in Greece. Just add around 10 million dollars.
When we arrived for soundcheck the first thing I noticed was the big palm trees and white stones. Everything has a Zen effect happening. There is a Aston Martin in the lot. I'm not even inside yet. Once inside, everybody is lovely. The place was open for business since this morning. The performance part of the party starts at night. There were no attitudes. The ladies are all sun bathing, and tanned. They're barely dressed. The fellas look like trainers. This place is a small paradise. The food and drinks are everywhere. The sound system is top notch. They have party lights, and stage lights everywhere. There are bungalos and tents for couples on the beach. And the best thing about it, there is no VIP area. Everybody has access to everything. I love it. They have tropical drinks from fruits I've never heard of. Can you tell that I'm impressed? Wow!!! Random thought, as beautiful as this is, and as wonderful as I feel right now, I sure wouldn't want to not make it into heaven. Imagine what kind of set up God has.
Anyway, the service here is top notch. The waiter just brought me a coconut, strawberry, watermelon, mango something. He saw something on the glass that was dirty or something. So before I could say anything or even look at it myself, he takes the glass back to get a new one!!!!!!! That is service!!!

I did the soundcheck and now I'm downstairs from my apt. Having a beer and a superburger(burger, chicken, ham and an egg). Random thought, I talked with Cookie Camacho on facebook and she sounded like she was doing well after losing her husband. Death puts a whammy on life when it shows up. It was nice to see that she was well.

I couldn't eat the whole thing. I tried but the burger covered the whole plate. It was like a cheeseburger cake. Anyway, I'm still chillin. Drinking a beer and enjoying a stick at this café right downstairs. Let me really break it down for you. I'm chillin so hard that I took my shirt off(shout out to Kai Alce.) When a person is as big as I am, they probably shouldn't be removing their tops but I'm really feeling myself here. LOL!!!!!!!!!!
You know what I love? Nobody is really dressed. Everybody is wearing bathing gear in the daytime. Man, this is nice. Gloria would have loved this.

I just got off of the stage. And I must admit, it's very difficult to perform when there is a language barrier, and the people were not a soulful crowd. But I think I did a good job. The promotor and owner seemed happy. Louie was smiling the whole time. That's always good. I connected with the percussionist of the evening. His name is Sheyi and he's from Nigeria.
Louie wants me to rock a DJ set. So I'm off.

July 31st 12:15am
Check this out. The owner just abruptly shut the music off!!! Cold!!!! We was rocking. Anané(who by the way was killing the decks.) was working the crossover and effects while I was playing. Now I hate that!!! But she was good, and the owner shut the switch off!!!!! Business is business.

Anané is about to go on in a second. Louie has been rocking since 12. I think he just wants us to rock for most of the night. He will be here for 7 weeks straight!!! So he's giving me a little burn. I go on again at 3am. The Freak Me record that Kenny and I did went over extremely well tonight. I think I will play it again.

I'm in here listening to Anané play. She has the people dancing. The music is definitely a cross between tribal and hard house. I'm not sure what to call it, but she has a vibe and they're digging it. I get it. At home we talk trash about DJ's that don't play soulful. But there is a whole world out here. When in Rome do as the Romans. This girl is making more money in a weekend than some of my favorite DJ's that play strictly soulful make in a month. I've learned to embrace that which is different and learn from it.
I have another hour before I'm on.

I'm on a bed on the beach at 2 in the morning about 10 feet away from the ocean in Spain. Man. Who knew. These beds are more like lounges. But they are king sized beds. They're built to stay out even if it rains. These people know how to do this. There are sail boats anchored maybe 100 feet away in the water. It's breathtaking. This house music thing can be huge. But we must think bigger than we do. The party here doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. This is a party. I am a little tired but this is nothing a red bull won't cure.

Last night was so much fun that I honestly wish I could live here for 5 months. Louie has earned my respect big time. The crowd thinned out to maybe 15 people at 4:00am. The owner was drunk as a punk, and he wanted to stop the party. It was enough. We had at least a thousand shots of Patron and Drambuie. Everybody was pasted(that's my new way of saying wasted. Feel free to use it.) So it seemed as though Louie had an instinct to know what to do. He plays this euro track that filled the club back up. Although there were 15 people there, there were more people out on the beach. But they came in screaming something that I didn't understand. It seemed like the party had just started. Now I'm 6'3 at 280 pounds. I'm considered to be a big dude. Louie is maybe 5ft at 150 soak and wet! This man can out drink me anytime!! I thought I was hanging. But when he "restarted" the party, and the shots of Drambuie came around again, I knew this wasn't good. LOL. The party lasted till maybe 7am. But can you imagine the hangovers. Whew. I'm so glad I slept the way I did. This island is a party island. This is what they do here. The whole thing is beautiful. I'm having a ball.

It's 8:37pm. Were going to an Italian place.

I just had an amazing steak dinner in Spain with the Vega's, Sheyi and Anané's asst., Anto. Ahhhhhh. So so nice. Although I learned that I like my steak medium well and not just medium, it was still very good. This trip has been an amazing one. I'm ready to go home and do some new music.

Aug 1 1:17am
I guess I'll shut it down. I'm outta here at 6am. I'd better go to sleep. If you don't get anything from this blog, at least remember this, go to your favorite entertainers website and find out where he or she is performing abroad and just go. Go see something different than the same ole club. There's a whole world out there. Go see it.

It pays to keep your confirmation number handy. I almost didn't have a flight home. Crazy right?? For whatever reason the attendant didn't see my ticket in the system. My confirmation number saved the day. Lesson learned!!!

OK. I have a question. I just saw a European kid and his father walking in this airport. The boy had his pants sagging so low that his entire butt was out. We all could see his underwear. When is that going to get old? Are we that stupid? I'm really asking the question. Are we that stupid or are we scared to say something to our children? Now I'm annoyed. My nephew wears his pants like that sometimes. Everytime I see it he has to pull his pants up. But why do I have to say it again? He knows that our family doesn't allow that level of ignorance. Maybe if I punched him in the face without warning that'll help him understand how serious it is for him to not be ignorant trash. I'll bet you're thinking "just because I wear my pants saggin doesn't mean that I'm ignorant."
YES it very much does. You're ignorant of your history and your self worth. You're also ignorant to your potential. It reminds me of a black person that says "You a nigga just like the rest of us." When did it become cool to show the world your underwear? And why am I this pissed? I need to fall back. I can't believe I'm reacting this way. But when you think of the lives of Medger Evers, Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and others like President Barrack Obama, Louis Farrakhan, and T.D. Jakes, and then look at our children that have no idea of the contribution that these heroes have made to the world, it will piss you off. Maybe my generation has failed. I'm certainly not going to win the father of the year award. But I'm not giving up on our children. I mean the least we can do is stop a kid from walking around with his unwashed ass hanging out, thinking he's fly!! It's like a brother going to an elegant dinner with a pink suit on and pink gators with finger waves in his hair. It just ain't right!!!!!!!!
Oh god I need coffee.

They upgraded my seat to business class!!!!!!!!!!! God is good!!!!!

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