Yotel with Louie Vega

New York Yotel with Louie Vega
June 25th 6:04pm
I started not to blog because I'm home. NYC is an hour and a half away from my home. That's no real journey but I thought, "Hey.. Why not?"
Tonight, I'm supposed to be performing a few songs with Louie Vega and his wife. Well at 1:00pm today I learned that Anané(Louie's wife) will not be performing. She has a congestive issue and doesn't feel well. So I suppose I'll be alone. I've performed for audiences all over the world, but performing at home is tough because usually people are so much more critical and judgemental when they know you. But nonetheless, the show must go on. I'm looking forward to hanging out. I think I'm going to do well. I feel good. Gloria is coming and she hardly gets to see me do my thing. I'm going to do my best and give a great show. I feel like I owe it to myself to enjoy myself. When I got here Jonesy from Giant Steps and Moises from Vega records was already here. They were making me as comfortable as possible. That's always nice. You ever go somewhere and everyone acts like they have no idea of what you're talking about or who you are? Well, to get here, and be treated like a guest is very much appreciated.
Oooohhhh.... Let me tell you about the place. It's called Yotel. Apparently it's been open for 3 weeks. The rooms are like spaceship cockpits. It's very modern. Everything was extremely sexy. I loved it upon checking in. You check yourself in at the computers and make your own key!! That was different. The main floor is the 4th floor. That's different!!!! The 4th floor is where all of the festivities are happening. I went there to do my soundcheck and it went smoothly and fairly quick. So ya know me, I decide to get a drink. Nothing crazy. The guy made me a strawberry Mojito. Let me just say that if there was anything Sacred about alcohol I have found the holiest of drinks. And here's the kicker. When I finished, I asked for the bill and the said, "Don't worry about it!!!!!!!!!" I absolutely love this place!

I'm in my room. I have time to just chill. I'm going to watch TV after I try this shower out. I love NY. The people are so diverse. Not only in appearance, but their thinking here is all different from one another. If you go to Utah, or Wyoming, most people are similar.
This is my home!

Had a quick shower and found out they use my favorite soap in the whole world!!!! Eucalyptus and Sage oils and Echinacea extract!! I know I know... I sound like a school girl right now with pink bows in my hair. But really. The soap opens your nasal passages, and pores. And leaves you feeling so..... . .. .You know what?? I can hear you laughing so I'm not going to finish my thoughts!!! LOL!!!

June 26th 4:42am
The gig went well. Everybody had fun. I'm in my room tired. Bout to sleep when my phone rings. It's Louie. He says "Yo you gotta come up here"............ I'm worried..... So I get dressed really quickly! My hair looks like I've been sleeping on it. But is Louie in some sort of trouble? He would never ask me to get up out of bed if it wasn't serious. It's almost 5am!!!! Now I'm thinking, "I may have to fight".....

I get to the 26Fl.. I hear a little bit of raucous coming from the area of Louie's room. So I go from a walk to a slow jog to his room. I walk in and there it is......
Louie is on the this King sized round bed that's going round in circles!!!!!! He's yelling, "Yooooo This Is Dope!!! Josh Look At This!!" And then he shows the windows that seem to showcase NYC. There's a fireplace in his room. A kitchen, the works!!! I'm not sure if I want to kill him or enjoy in the excitement. His room was definitely HOT! His staff was there drinking champagne. Ummmm... It's 5AM!!! I think I'll kill him. LOL!!!

I had a wonderful night. A lot of new faces but house music has a way of bringing people together. It's spiritual.
Random thought: Mi Casa Holiday in Mexico is going to be insane!!!!! Like WMC in Mexico.

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