WMC! I almost for got to post this!

March 8th 2:09AM
After a long day of getting my hair twisted, and preparing for the trip to Miami, I'm yet in the studio putting the final touches on some tracks, and burning cd's. This 5 hour energy drink is a beast!!! I've been up since 6 this morning.
My check in and flight stuff went well. The excitement is starting to kick in. When I was at the gate I saw DJ Larry Love who presented me with 2 cd's. I haven't even gotten on the plane yet!!! Gotta love this job. He and wife Neekita seemed very happy. Anyway I'm now on the plane with a group that seems a little "Jersey Shoreish." The guy had his eyebrows arched and full of steroids. About 5 women all siliconed like crazy! What's happening to the scene. WMC used to be really musical and soulful. Producers, singers and songwriters would all be there. Now it's saturated with whoever and whatever. It's extremely discouraging. I spoke to Kenny Dope and he's not coming. A lot of the cats are not coming. It's like a slow death. It hurts. Let me go to sleep before I depress myself. See you when I get to the Hotel.
I got here over an hour ago. But because I didn't have a print out of my voucher I wasn't allowed to get on the shuttle. So of course I had to walk way to the other side of the airport to get a print out and I still couldn't use it!!!!! Now I'm on the shuttle after paying another $23, on my way to the hotel. The driver is driving like a fool. I'm getting pissed. Not to mention it's hot and I'm sweating. Ugggggghhhh!!!!!
My room wasn't ready so I went to Puerto Sagua and ate my head off. So now I'm walking down the block and ran into Mikki Afflick rocking at SEPHORA!!!!! Now you wanna talk about determination. Sister brought her equipment in a perfume spot and played. No audience no accolades just love and determination. This is how millionares are made. She's not waiting for somebody to build the spot up, she's making her OWN way. I respect that and I respect her.
Uneventful. Listening to some music I may play tonight. Louie's treating us to Dinner. That should be awesome.
March 12 8:43AM
Here's the thing. Between continual parties, and DJing I haven't been able to blog. But I'll tell you this, on a scale from 1-10, the Honeycomb Music party was a 12!!!!!! It was very personal for me, and all of the guest did their thing. Kristel Morin(Tribe UK), Big Moses, and DJ DatGurl "Curly" all played super sets. I mean there wasn't a dull moment. Big Moses played some Funk 70's, 80's joints! When Cinnamon Brown came out with her energy, immediately it was a PARTY. She set the tone for the rest of the night in a very real way. She sang and made everyone feel like they were at a great party away from home. Cas was amazingly interesting. He usually does sexy house music. But his song "Wake Up" is a political song that pleads for people to open their minds. He had the crowd participation going!! Crystal wrote her song and produced her own vocals. Her arrangements is really something to hear. I noticed the silence when she was singing. That is always good. That means they're listening. And she's new to this scene as a performer. ChinahBlac was just insanely explosive. I really can't articulate how pleased I was when she was singing. When Dawn Tallman sang, it became something other than a party. Her song is called "God." It's suppose to be God speaking to us. He ask the question "Who do you say I am?" Let me tell you, it got really heavy. When Dawn started crying and the spirit of God started to saturate the place, people didn't know how to explain why they were crying. It was just like watching a miracle happen.
I have to perform at 3:30am tomorrow morning. "Your Body" is seriously buzzing here. I'm enjoying the attention. Louie's mix is just incredible. One DJ/Producer I know said something negative to me about the record. When he said that, I knew it was a hit!!!
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