May 1, 10:02PM
I go home tomorrow. I almost didn't blog but I owe to myself to say something. Cat Johnson showed me a beautiful time in Italy! The one thing that stood out to me... OK... Two things that stood out on this trip is that, 1. I must be somebody to these people! You know how when people are excited they talk loud? Well I think everyone I met is deaf. They talked so very loud and just wouldn't let me be alone for one second. There was this one guy, while I was actually DJing he was yelling in my ear, "Play What You Wanna Play Josh! You're The Man!!!" Now don't get me wrong, they were showing me love like I was the King of Naples. But I like a little quiet sometimes. When we got back to the hotel at 4am, one of the guys yelled, "This Is The Man!! I Love Blaze!" The man at the front desk told him to Shhhhhh! LOL!!!!!
2. I fell in love with my life again on this trip. I lost a lot of drive and suffered a great deal of pain with the whole Blaze split. And recent events could have slipped me into depression very easily. But solitude is a remedy for rough times. Not to mention good food. Italian food is just good. No other way to put it. You can taste the fresh herbs and seasonings. Oh my my my. Insane.
I feel really good right now. When I get home I'm putting the finishing touches on both Louie and my songs for Phillip Bailey.
Cat takes me out to see Naples. And just like I always say, people are the same all over. They all love good music, food, and drinks amongst friends and family. That's a culture that Americans don't make a priority.
When we walked in the bar, they turned the music up, the drinks started pouring and everything began. It was a very small party. I love it. And I can't speak any Italian!!!
OK. The DJ is playing all jazz because I like jazz. How sweet is that?!?!? And I just heard a 4Hero record that I love!! I'm now inspired. I have got to get some new keys. And also I have to do some live stuff. Jerard and Darryl(drums and guitar) are always down to help. But I hate feeling like I'm taking advantage of my brothers talents. Would somebody please give me 25 thousand so I can make the killer album of all time??
Did I mention I had a shot of Italian espresso. I feel hair growing out of my neck and under my fingernails.
OK. The DJ is playing Pat Metheny. Now it's a party. This is another thing we don't do. Sit around and listen to music. I have to blog about this.
May 2nd 4:11AM
Now why didn't somebody tell me that the espresso would keep me up?!?!? I've been at the hotel since 12:30!! I think I'm annoyed with myself. LOL.
I just learned that the US found Bin Laden and killed him. The first thing I said to myself is, "Nobody Won Anything." Sure, the mastermind that terrorized and killed so many people was killed. But it would have been better had he been kept alive. This way a proper punishment would have been realized. But now that he's dead, did we win something? Are we really the winners? Better question, has justice been served? I pose that question to Christians especially. This whole thing is sickening. Our beloved president Obama is being disrespected on so many levels yet he's doing things that the people can see and understand. He's accountable for his actions. Unlike Bush who brought us here to begin with. So many Troops were killed under Bush's leadership. And we still don't know why! America is about the best place for me to live in terms of opportunities. But if I could, I'd seek a different country. Amsterdam sounds good. I'm disgusted.
I decide to go early to the airport. I'm reminded that I'm black or at least different than the people here. The stares are something else.
I ran into Tony Humphries!!!!!!!! Now I know y'all uppidy club goers act like you don't respect him. But I have way more sense than that. That man is a living legend and I felt honored to shake his hand. I gave that brother my card. If he calls I will see if I can interest him in doing a soulful project.
My basement is flooded. I lost tons of Jazz vinyl and classics that I will never be able to replace. DJ Equipment underwater! But I told a friend that I'm still hurt. However God is very good and merciful. It could have been worse. I could have lost my house instead of my things. I have treasure in my relationship with him. And I have gifts that will make room for things I've yet to experience. So I'm at peace with this funeral.

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